Being a Thrive tenant

If your application is successful, we’ll give you a Tenancy Agreement that sets out the details of the agreement between you (the tenant) and us (the landlord).

This is a legal document that includes:

  • services you can expect from us
  • your rights as a tenant
  • your responsibilities
  • our responsibilities to you.

It’s an important document and should be kept in a safe and secure place. If you have any questions about your Tenancy Agreement, please contact our customer relations team.

We offer different types of tenancy:

  • Starter Tenancy for Sheltered Properties only
  • Assured Tenancy at Transfer (protected rights for tenants who had a secure tenancy with Three Rivers District Council prior to the transfer to Thrive Homes)
  • Assured Tenancy
  • Pre-fixed term tenancy
  • 7 year Fixed term tenancy
  • Contractual Tenancy

You need to look at your Tenancy Agreement in detail to be aware of any extra responsibilities or restrictions contained within them. We will go through it with you when you sign-up.