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If you need an emergency repair, we're on hand 24/7. Please call us on 0800 917 6077. 

Our repairs service

When you report a repair, we’ll book an appointment that's convenient for you with one of our trusted engineers. All we ask is that someone over 18 is at home for the duration of our visit.

Our in-house repairs team, Thrive Homes Services (THS) is made up of skilled engineers who will carry out most of the repairs in your home. At times we may use a specialist contractor for things like plastering, roofing, or drainage and you can take a look at some of the contractors we use here.

Our engineers will always:

  • show their ID badge
  • wear shoe coverings if requested
  • clean up the area they are working in afterwards.

Meet some of our THS engineers

Reporting a repair

Reporting a repair is easy. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online through the myThrive Hub. Here, you can request, view, and manage your appointments at a time that suits you.  

Report a repair

Some repairs might be your responsibility and you can find out what these are when looking through each repair on the myThrive Hub.

If you don’t have access to this, you can report a repair to us by:

You can also find out if a repair is our responsibility or yours before reporting it below:

Our repair timescales

Together with customers, we have set out how we prioritise repairs.

We’ll always try to book your repair in as soon as we can and we will consider any disabilities or vulnerabilities on a case-by-case basis to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our customers.

Appointment availability will depend on the number of repairs we’re handling at the time, as well as the availability of our engineers and the materials needed. There may also be delays due to weather conditions, and we’ll let you know if this is the case.

Emergency repairs are always prioritised, so there may be times when an engineer is called away. If this happens, we will work with you to re-schedule your repair at a time that suits you.

Here are some examples of our timescales for repair appointments:

  • Emergency repairs - 24 hours

    These are issues that immediately put your safety, security, or health at risk. They may include:

    • An uncontainable leak
    • Total loss of heating and hot water in the winter
    • Health and safety hazards
    • Exposed plug socket or wires
    • Blocked toilet (with only one toilet in the property)

    If you need to report an emergency repair you can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 0800 917 6077.

  • Routine repairs - Target: 20 working days

    This might include:

    • Faulty extractor fan 
    • Blocked sink
    • Containable leaks (flooding is treated as an emergency)
    • Electric shower not working (where there is another form of washing in the property)
    • Communal corridor lighting fault
    • Small carpentry works such as window handles
  • Planned repairs - Target: 60 working days

    This might include:

    • Guttering issues
    • Plastering
    • Glazing works to windows
    • Kitchen unit replacement
    • Installation of extractor fan/vent

Our appointment times

When you report your repair, you can choose an appointment date and timeslot as follows:

  • Morning appointment: between 8:00am-12:00pm
  • Afternoon appointment: between 13:00pm-18:00pm
  • School run appointment: between 9:30am-2:45pm
  • Any time: between 8:00am-18:00pm

You’ll receive a text message the day you book the appointment and one on the day before. Our engineer will also call you when they are on their way.

Preparing for your repair

Before we carry out your repair, you can help by making sure the area is clear and free of any objects or furniture.

This might include:

  • making sure boiler cupboards are clear of items
  • moving furniture away from the area the engineer needs to look at
  • making sure the consumer unit is easily accessible
  • keeping pets and children safely away from the area we are working in.

For some repairs, the engineer may ask you to leave the room for safety reasons. This could be for things like core drilling that may be done at a height and could create dust. Your safety is a priority to us and our engineers are experts, so please follow their instructions whilst in your home.

Cancelling or re-arranging your repair

If you need to cancel or re-arrange your appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours before so we can offer this slot to someone else. We may charge if an appointment is missed or isn't cancelled with enough notice. Missed appointments cost us thousands of pounds a year, money better spent maintain and improving homes.

You can cancel or re-arrange your repair: