Our Services

Providing quality homes where people enjoy living

Delivering services to customers across the home counties with social and affordable rent, intermediate rent, shared ownership, leasehold and private market rent.

In one of the most expensive areas of the UK, Thrive Homes is rising to tackle the housing crisis in all its forms – offering homes at different price points to people at different stages of their life, who may not be able buy their own home.

No longer simply “Registered Providers” delivering homes solely for social rent, we are a modern landlord, developer and property management company.

Starting from the principle that everyone deserves a high quality home that is affordable to them – from a single parent family, to lowest paid student nurse or an experienced transport engineer on a medium income – then we can begin to focus on what is important and target support where it is needed.

Thrive Homes will always provide affordable social housing as it is at the heart of what we do. This alongside other housing products – including market rent – allows us to better meet the growing, diverse housing need in the communities we serve.

We are proud to offer quality homes and secure tenancies that enable our customers to build and sustain good lives.