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Looking after your bin store and chute

Bin stores and chutes are stinky, dingy places at the best of times.

When rubbish is placed in the wrong bin or left on the floor, the local authority will not empty them. 

By working together, we can avoid this. Please:

  • keep the floor clear of any rubbish
  • put rubbish in the correct bins
  • let us know if the bins are overflowing
  • only put household waste in the bins
  • break down cardboard boxes before putting them in the bin or bin chute to save space
  • take large items to the household waste recycling centre or arrange for an appropriate removal
  • don't force large items down bin chutes
  • if the bin chute is blocked, let us know as soon as possible

It's a hassle to you and will come at a cost, so please dispose of rubbish responsibly.

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