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Our Performance

At Thrive Homes, we are committed to providing a fair deal and excellent service to our customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Our performance is continually measured and analysed to ensure we achieve our strategic objectives as identified in our Strategic Framework:

  • Resilient with a strong financial base 
  • Growth 
  • A fair deal for customers
  • A good place to work.

In 2018, we published our Strategic Framework 'Ambitions for Growth'. Three years later, we have reviewed this Framework reflecting the strong foundations that have been put in place. 

Our Strategic Framework set out our ongoing approach to developing our business and informs more detailed medium-term planning that defines what we will deliver within specific timeframes.

Download the full report:

Further reading:

Two Waters

The Annual Financial Statements present a review Thrive's performance and are a comprehensive report on the our financial activities, governance and performance.

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Thrive has adopted the Good Economy's Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS) for Social Housing, which is a golden thread throughout our Strategic Framework.

Read more here

Our aim is to be open, transparent and accountable to customers.

Created with feedback from Thrive's Customer Voice members, the purpose of our Annual Report for Tenants is to set out Thrive’s offer to customers, report on performance, and invite continued feedback. 

We are always seeking to improve the information we share. Learn more about how to get involved here. 

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We're proud to deliver quality services as part of a fair deal to our customers.

Every month we conduct a number of surveys to a random selection of customers, including:

  • Contented customer – asking general questions about Thrive services that customers have used in the last 12 months to understand what customers' perception of Thrive is
  • Repairs – specific questions about the quality of recent repair appointments
  • Lettings – questions about becoming a new Thrive customer
  • Anti-social behaviour (ASB) - to understand how well we have handled ASB 
  • Complaints – to make sure we have followed our complaints process and understand if there are any areas to improve.

Where customers have responded as 'very dissatisfied' to a particular survey question, we may follow up with another short survey to understand more about this.

These surveys may be carried out by our market research partner, IFF. More about how we share and use data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

View our latest results and actions.

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