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Communal Area Standards

If we own communal areas around your home, we'll work with you to maintain them. 

  • Our offer to you

    Clean, safe, well maintained communal areas.

    We’ll check communal areas we own every six to eight weeks to make sure they meet Thrive’s Communal Area Standards as laid out on this page.

  • What we ask of you

    Please keep internal and external communal areas completely clear to help us keep you safe and report any concerns to us.

    This includes any personal items such as furniture, plants, mobility scooters, pictures, pushchairs, doormats, bicycles/scooters, play equipment, rubbish and shoes.

    We aim to maintain a full overview of the safety of our buildings and customers. If your ability to evacuate a building may be compromised (for example, due to reduced mobility or cognition), please let us know so we can develop a plan work with the emergency services to get you to safety.

    The easiest way to let us know about this is by emailing or calling 0800 917 6077.

  • Graffiti and Fly-tipping

    Our offer: we will remove graffiti and fly-tipping on land we own. Any charges incurred for this work, may be reclaimed through service charges.

    What we ask of you: please do not graffiti or fly-tip, or allow friends, family or visitors to do so.

    Graffiti and fly-tipping is wilful damage and considered an act of crime. It is a breach of tenancy if carried out by a Thrive tenant, household member or visitor, within the home or shared space.

  • Health & safety

    Our offer to you: the shared areas that belong to Thrive are checked regularly to ensure they meet health & safety standards.

    What we ask of you: report any health and safety concerns to us and do not cause any health and safety risks.

Communal services 

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