Communal Area Standards

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If we own communal areas around your home, we'll work with you to maintain them. 

Communal areas include gardens surrounding a block, entrance halls, staircases and any bin or storage areas.

Our offer to you: clean, safe, well maintained communal areas.

We’ll check communal areas we own regularly to make sure they meet Thrive’s Communal Area Standards.

What we ask of you: keep communal areas completely clear.

Keep the communal areas free from any personal items and report any concerns to us. This includes furniture, plants, mobility scooters, pictures, pushchairs, doormats, bicycles, rubbish and shoes.

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  • Graffiti and Fly-tipping

    Our offer: we will remove graffiti and fly-tipping on land we own.

    What we ask of you: do not graffiti or fly-tip, or allow friends, family or visitors to do so.

    Graffiti and fly-tipping is wilful damage. It is a breach of tenancy if carried out by a Thrive tenant, household member or visitor, within the home or shared space.