Communal Area Standards

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If we own communal areas around your home, we'll work with you to maintain them. 

Communal areas include gardens surrounding a block, entrance halls, staircases and any bin or storage areas.

Our offer to you: clean, safe, well maintained communal areas.

We’ll check communal areas we own regularly to make sure they meet Thrive’s Communal Area Standards.

What we ask of you: keep communal areas completely clear.

Keep the communal areas free from any personal items and report any concerns to us. This includes furniture, plants, mobility scooters, pictures, pushchairs, doormats, bicycles, rubbish and shoes.

  • Cleaning

    Our offer: communal areas in blocks of flats will be regularly cleaned by our cleaning company.

    What we ask of you: keep communal areas completely clear so they are safe and can be cleaned properly.

    After every visit from the cleaner (either weekly or fortnightly, dependent on the schedule for your block) the entrance lobby, stairway and landing should be:

    • clean and tidy
    • free from cobwebs and dust
    • floors and walls free from major marks
    • internal communal windows and glass clean (where accessible)
    • free from rubbish or litter
    • door entry key pads sanitised
    • chewing gum removed.

    The outside of the building (bin areas, hardstanding, paths, communal gardens and beds) should be clean, tidy and free of litter.

    Every month, your cleaner will:

    • wash light fittings (inside and out)
    • wash window sills and skirting boards
    • wash walls in areas of heavy traffic
    • clean stairway treads.

    Every quarter, they will:

    • deep clean floor coverings
    • jet wash bin areas, cages and chutes
    • clean the external windows.

    Your cleaner will not:

    • work on a bank holiday unless with prior agreement from Thrive Homes
    • undertake any work that is not specified in the contract without obtaining permission from Thrive Homes.
  • Graffiti and Fly-tipping

    Our offer: we will remove graffiti and fly-tipping on land we own.

    What we ask of you: do not graffiti or fly-tip, or allow friends, family or visitors to do so.

    Graffiti and fly-tipping is wilful damage. It is a breach of tenancy if carried out by a Thrive tenant, household member or visitor, within the home or shared space.


  • Grounds Maintenance

    Our offer: grounds maintenance will be carried out regularly by a professional team.
    We will undertake regular inspections, carry out works as needed, and record any tree maintenance work required in communal gardens.

    What we ask of you: keep the area clear of obstructions and free of litter.
    Report any grounds maintenance problems to us as soon as possible.

    Our landscaping team will visit on a regular basis and will ensure that communal gardens or external areas are tidy, free from litter and weeds. This includes:

    Grass cutting (regularly during the season):

    • remove litter, leaves, branches and fallen fruit before cutting
    • cut the grass between 20-50mm
    • remove trimmings (first cut of year)
    • trim the edges.

    Shrub and rose beds (regularly during the season):

    • cut back from footpaths, roads and windows, and remove weed
    • remove dead and diseased shoots
    • dead head roses in June, August and October.

    Hedges (regularly during the season):

    • cut back the previous year’s growth
    • cut back from paths, roads & windows
    • top level and sides to shape and line
    • remove litter & debris from hedge base
    • weeds removed from hedge base or chemically treated.

    Minor tree maintenance (as required):

    • clear base of weeds to 450mm radius
    • remove suckers and shoots
    • remove climbing plants and ivy
    • remove diseased or broken branches
    • prune back obstructing branches.

    Hardstanding and paved areas (regularly):

    • clear weeds, moss and vegetation
    • clear litter, grass and leaf build-up
    • remove detritus and faeces
    • rake gravel areas
    • keep gullies, drains & gutters debris free.

    Your Grounds Maintenance team will not:

    • start before 8am or work after dusk or 5pm, whichever is the earlier, on Monday to Friday
    • start before 8am or work after 12 noon on a Saturday
    • undertake any other work without obtaining permission from Thrive Homes.

    Ground maintenance is seasonal and subject to weather conditions.

    For customers who live in a flat with a private garden, refer to the Home Standard.

  • Health and Safety

    Managing your block and its surroundings is our shared responsibility. Working together we can ensure the health and safety of everyone and keep service charges down.

    Our offer: the shared areas that belong to Thrive are checked regularly to ensure they meet health & safety standards.

    What we ask of you: report any health and safety concerns to us and do not cause any health and safety risks.

    We inspect for:

    • hazards (electrical, trip, broken manhole cover, bulk rubbish and overflowing bins)
    • defects (doors, windows, lighting, paths)
    • items stored in communal areas
    • graffiti, vandalism and signs of anti-social behaviour.

    We remove and dispose of any items left in communal areas and take appropriate enforcement action under the terms of the tenancy or lease.We will:

    • photograph, identify and label items that are a fire risk
    • serve a notice under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 immediately– a copy will be delivered to every flat in the block stating when the items must be removed by.

    For your own and your neighbours’ health and safety, it is important that you:

    • do not store or display personal items in communal areas, cupboards or under the stairs, including furniture, plant pots, mobility scooters, pictures, pushchairs, doormats, bicycles, rubbish and shoes
    • park cars, motorbikes, bicycles and authorised mobility scooters in designated areas only
    • do not keep any untaxed or unauthorised (commercial) vehicles on site
    • clean up after your pets, including dog mess
    • keep bin areas and rubbish chutes clean and clear.