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Health and safety

Managing your block and its surroundings is our shared responsibility. Working together we can ensure the health and safety of everyone and keep service charges down.

Our offer to you: the shared areas that belong to Thrive are checked every six to eight weeks to ensure they meet health & safety standards.

What we ask of you: report any health and safety concerns to us and do not cause any health and safety risks.

We inspect for:

  • hazards (electrical, trip, broken manhole cover, bulk rubbish and overflowing bins)
  • anything that could encourage fire to spread, such as items stored in communal areas
  • building defects such as drilled holes, hanging cables or pipework that go through walls and have not been sealed in line with fire regulations
  • defects (doors, windows, lighting, paths)
  • items stored in communal areas
  • graffiti, vandalism and signs of anti-social behaviour.

*Where a building is over five storeys (11 metres) in height or above, the communal doors will be inspected every three months.

Personal items stored in internal or external communal areas including lofts, cupboards or under the stairs, can contribute to the spread of fire. Items include: furniture, plant pots, mobility scooters, pictures, pushchairs, doormats, bicycles, play equipment, rubbish and shoes. We, therefore, ask you to refrain from storing anything in these areas as these will be removed by Thrive and disposed of.

We also ask:

  • cars, motorbikes, bicycles and authorised mobility scooters to be parked in designated areas only
  • do not keep any untaxed or unauthorised (commercial) vehicles on site
  • clean up after your pets, including dog mess
  • dispose of rubbish in the correct bins
  • keep bin areas and rubbish chutes clean and clear (you can find out more about this at:

We will remove and dispose of any items left in communal areas and take appropriate enforcement action under the terms of the tenancy or lease. We will:

  • photograph, identify and label items that are a fire risk
  • serve a notice under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 immediately– a copy will be delivered to every flat in the block stating when the items must be removed by
  • any items not removed will be confiscated and disposed of.

For your own and your neighbours’ health and safety, it is important that you:

  • Do not damage or remove fire safety equipment in the communal areas of the building such as emergency lighting, fire alarms or automatic vent systems
  • Report any building safety issues in the communal areas such as broken safety equipment and lifts or any hazards that could encourage fire to spread for example rubbish left in or outside the building, –drilled holes, hanging cables or pipework that go through walls and have not been sealed.

We ask you to help us keep you and the building safe by ensuring that communal doors remain closed.