Communal grounds maintenance

Our offer: grounds maintenance will be carried out regularly by a professional team.
We will undertake regular inspections, carry out works as needed, and record any tree maintenance work required in communal gardens.

What we ask of you: keep the area clear of obstructions and free of litter.
Report any grounds maintenance problems to us as soon as possible.

Our landscaping team will visit on a regular basis and will ensure that communal gardens or external areas are tidy, free from litter and weeds. This includes:

Grass cutting (regularly during the season):

  • remove litter, leaves, branches and fallen fruit before cutting
  • cut the grass between 20-50mm
  • remove trimmings (first cut of year)
  • trim the edges.

Shrub and rose beds (regularly during the season):

  • cut back from footpaths, roads and windows, and remove weed
  • remove dead and diseased shoots
  • dead head roses in June, August and October.

Hedges (regularly during the season):

  • cut back the previous year’s growth
  • cut back from paths, roads & windows
  • top level and sides to shape and line
  • remove litter & debris from hedge base
  • weeds removed from hedge base or chemically treated.

Minor tree maintenance (as required):

  • clear base of weeds to 450mm radius
  • remove suckers and shoots
  • remove climbing plants and ivy
  • remove diseased or broken branches
  • prune back obstructing branches.

Hardstanding and paved areas (regularly):

  • clear weeds, moss and vegetation
  • clear litter, grass and leaf build-up
  • remove detritus and faeces
  • rake gravel areas
  • keep gullies, drains & gutters debris free.

Your Grounds Maintenance team will not:

  • start before 8am or work after dusk or 5pm, whichever is the earlier, on Monday to Friday
  • start before 8am or work after 12 noon on a Saturday
  • undertake any other work without obtaining permission from Thrive Homes.

Ground maintenance is seasonal and subject to weather conditions.

For customers who live in a flat with a private garden, refer to the Home Standard by clicking here.