We are always listening, learning and improving!

We are committed to providing quality homes and services as part of our fair deal for customers.

Listening to your views is important so we can understand your values and where we could improve.

We've listed some of the current actions we're taking as a result of customer input and complaints findings, and we'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas or feedback to share! Scroll down to find out more or click here to give feedback.

  • Anti-social behaviour
    Last updated: December 2021

    We recognise the need to keep customers informed, and this includes of any changes that take place relating to any anti-social behaviour cases. We regret this has not always happened and so we are working with colleagues to ensure our records are always up to date and and that customers are updated as appropriate. 

  • Cleaning service
    Last updated: November 2021

    You said: it's not always clear when cleaners have attended flat blocks. 

    We have been piloting the display of notices in a small number of flat blocks whereby cleaners can write down when they have attended. We're pleased to report the pilot has been a success and as such, we will be rolling these signs out over the coming months by the end of March 2021. 

    You also told us that you aren't always sure what to expect from the cleaning service, so we have produced a summary of what is included as standard and this is available for you to view, download or print at: thrivehomes.org.uk/communalstandards

    We are also continuing to monitor the contract to ensure it is performing to standard. 

    Access the latest service status here

  • Grounds maintenance service
    Last updated: December 2021

    You said: you’d like more information on when visits are scheduled and the service has been carried out.
    We have: made arrangements to put this information together with Chequers and make it available online for customers in the coming months. Keep an eye on our website for further updates at: thrivehomes.org.uk/communalstandards

    You also told us that you aren't always sure what to expect from the grounds maintenance service, so we have produced a summary of what is included as standard and this is available for you to view, download or print at: thrivehomes.org.uk/communalstandards

    Access the latest service status

  • Keeping you informed
    Last updated: December 2021

    You said: sometimes we don't keep to our promises to call you back when we said we would.

    We are: ensuring that if your query can't be answered at first point of contact, we will arrange an appointment to call you back so you know exactly when we will be in touch.

    You said: there are times that repairs are outstanding and you have to contact us for an update.

    We are: using a report to make sure all open repairs are monitored closely and that customers are kept updated. Customers can expect to hear from us within three working days of a non-urgent repair being reported.

  • Property improvements
    Last updated: June 2021

    We’re committed to maintaining our homes and their components.  We aim to carry out major works (such as window replacements or new kitchens and bathrooms) in line with the expected lifespan of the component as recorded on our database. Examples of typical component lifespans include:

    • Kitchens – 20 years
    • Bathrooms 30 years
    • Windows and doors – 30 years
    • Boilers - 15 years
    • Radiators - 30 years

    You said: When customers request information on their component replacement date, if the resident disagrees with the data held on file, physical or digital inspections should take place.

    We are: going to ensure that a physical inspection now takes place when customers request an upgrade is carried out before the end of the expected lifespan to assess the condition of the component.

    Regardless of the expected lifespan, Thrive aims to carry out a condition survey for all properties every five years. It’s at this point that upgrades could be brought forward or pushed back depending on the condition and compliance of the component(s).   

  • Remedial works following complaints
    Last updated: June 2021

    We want to be accountable for service failures and we are committed to putting things right. Where repairs haven’t gone to plan we encourage customers to give feedback so that we can look to carry out remedial works.

    Following recent complaints feedback, we have identified that some appointments for remedial works are not being honoured as originally scheduled. This is because our planning teams have been unable to differentiate between routine works and remedial works following a complaint.

    We understand how frustrating this may be to customers, so we have made a change to our planning system to make it clearer for our colleagues to identify when a scheduled appointment is for remedial works following a complaint. This enables us to make sure that these appointments are kept and prioritised over other non-urgent routine works.

  • Rent and service charge enquiries
    Last updated: September 2021

    We want to be able to handle your queries at first point of contact. Listening to your feedback, we have been carrying out training with our customer services team so that they are able to assist with rent and service enquiries straight away. 

    Have you got a suggestion for us to improve our services? We'd love to hear from you! 

    Click here to give feedback!

  • The myThrive hub
    Last updated: October 2021

    You said: The view of your balance statements on the myThrive hub when using a mobile device is confusing as it does not show individual payments fully.

    We have: looked into an alternative design with our web developer and changed the layout of the statements view so that your balance and payments information is clearly displayed on a mobile device. 

    Let us know what you think!

  • Welcome process for new Thrive customers
    Last updated: June 2021

    You said: there could be room for improvements so that every Thrive customer receives a similar amount of information - regardless as to if they are moving into a new build or re-let property.

    We listened: We want to make sure our customers have all of the information they need to hand, so we've start reviewing the welcome process and information customers receive when they move into a Thrive Home.

    We're keen for customers to be involved in this project, so if you're interested in taking part please get in touch by emailing getinvolved@thrivehomes.org.uk