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Last updated May 2024

Repairs and maintenance service

Last updated: May 2024

View the latest updates on our repairs service this month and our current wait times for appointments.

  • Our repairs service

    Our repairs team is working hard to carry out around 30% more repair requests compared to this time last year. This means our wait times for appointments may be a little longer than usual.

    As the weather gets warmer, we expect to see less repair requests such as damp and mould issues. We want to be clear about how long it will take to get an appointment, so we’ve set out our timescales and will update this page with any service updates.

    View our published repairs timescales

    Average appointment timescales April - May

    Below you can see how long it’s currently taking for each trade to carry out works based on our completed jobs in March.

    Some repairs may take longer than others depending on the circumstances of the repair needed. Weather conditions and the availability of materials needed to carry them out may also have an impact.

    *please note that these current timescales are for guidance only and do not include our emergency repairs that are attended within 24 hours.


    We aim to complete routine repairs in 20 working days

    • Plumbing – 15 working days
    • Plastering – 38 working days
    • Roofing – 14 working days
    • Specialist treatments – 23 working days
    • Painting – 28 working days
    • Carpentry – 21 working days
    • Groundworks (walkways / paths) – 20 working days
    • Glazing – 41 working days
    • Flooring – 19 working days
    • Electrical – 26 working days
    • Drainage – 45 working days
    • Brickwork – 28 working days
    • Heating – 6 working days


    We aim to complete planned repairs in 60 working days

    • Plumbing – 24 working days
    • Plastering – 46 working days
    • Roofing – 19 working days
    • Specialist treatments – 34 working days
    • Painting – 25 working days
    • Carpentry – 48 days
    • Groundworks (walkways / paths) – 26 working days
    • Glazing – 28.5 working days
    • Flooring – 72 working days
    • Electrical – 62 working days
    • Drainage – 103 working days
    • Brickwork – 81 working days
    • Heating – 24 working days
  • How we’re acting on your feedback

    In February 2024, we held sessions with customers to help set out our repair appointment timescales. Customers gave feedback on how long it takes for us to attend for a repair, how repairs should be prioritised and how we should gain access for essential works.

    Take a look at how we acted on their feedback

    View our published repairs timescales


  • Safe and secure

    Last year, customers told us that one of the reasons they don’t feel safe in their homes is because of issues with door entry systems.

    Many of our door entry systems are outdated and required specialist parts and engineers to fix. Acting on your feedback, we are working to upgrade some of these systems and we will be in touch with customers living in blocks included in these works.

  • Diagnosing your repair

    If you need help with a repair, you can diagnose the issue and find out what to do next on our website. There you’ll also find handy guidance which may help you fix the issue yourself. Simply head to

    If we can’t book a repair appointment right away, we might need to use one of our contractors to do the job. If that happens, we’ll let you know and put them in touch with you directly to book in an appointment.

    We know you prefer our own Thrive Homes Services (THS) engineers because you feel they provide a better service, and you know them. That’s why we’ve been growing the team by employing more engineers. Last month they completed 94.11% of repair requests so you didn’t have to wait for our contractors to help.

  • Our performance

    87.8% of customers surveyed last month told us they were satisfied with our repairs service.

    Do you have fresh ideas to improve our services?

    Become a Thrive Customer Voice member to have a say!

  • Plans to upgrade our homes

    We spend millions upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, roofs and more every year. Last year our costs increased by 9.7% and we expect more this year. That’s why it’s important for us to plan ahead and make sure our homes receive the upgrades they need.

    Our stock condition surveys help us to check over the condition of your home and work out what upgrades are needed. We aim to carry these out to all of our homes every five years. Hundreds of these visits are taking place right now so we can plan works due to take place between April 2024 – March 2025.

    We’ve worked with customers to understand how we can gain access for these works if they are refused and you can find out what they had to say here.

    If we’ve contacted you to arrange a survey, please work with us to find a suitable time. To learn more, head to:

Beware of bogus callers

If you suspect someone is pretending to work on our behalf, please do not let them into your home and call us on 0800 917 6077 to verify their details. 

As a reminder – our colleagues and contractors:  

  • will always carry ID and you can ask to see this  
  • will never ask you for any cash payment.  

If you are suspicious or worried, contact the police straight away. 

We want these updates to be meaningful to you, so if there’s something you’d like to hear about next time – leave us a comment.  


Ben Sewell
Service Delivery Manager