The Good Neighbour Guide

Everyone deserves to live in their home comfortably. Sometimes you might disturb your neighbours without knowing it, so here are some tips to avoid that.


  • As you come and go

    Show consideration to your neighbours, respecting their privacy and the way they choose to live their life.

    If you live in a flat with communal garden, please remember that these spaces are for all customers in the block to use.  

    • Speak to your neighbour respectfully if they are bothering you. You might want to use our 'Dear neighbour' cards to help.
    • Make sure your household members and guests behave responsibly.
    • Treat one another fairly, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, or disability. 
    • Park your car carefully, leaving enough room for emergency services to get through. Make sure no one is blocked in and that you are not parked on a grass verge or footpath.
  • Ways to keep peace and quiet

    Keep noise from your home to a reasonable level. Think about the volume you may play music or watch TV, particularly when next to a wall shared with your neighbour.

    • Let your neighbours know if you’re planning have a party or doing any noisy work in or around your home.
    • If you have an allocated garden and are planning to have a bonfire or BBQ, let your neighbours know before you start and consider the time of day and weather conditions to cause the least inconvenience.
    • Avoid using noisy equipment late at night or early in the morning.
  • Clean and clear communal areas

    For your safety, all communal areas should be kept clear at all times.

    • Take in any personal belongings when not in use, for example, bikes, scooters, toys, chairs, and wheelie bins (except for items such as mobility scooters that have been given an allocated storage space).
    • Do not charge items in the communal hallway, including e-scooters. 
    • Bring in your dry clothes from the shared drying area once done so others can use the space.
    • Put your rubbish in the right bin, making sure recyclables are not bagged up and that boxes are flattened. Learn more at
    • Tell us if the bins are full or not collected.
    • Take large items to your local recycling centre. For more details visit
    • If you have an allocated garden, keep it tidy and free from rubbish.
  • Put safety first

    Keeping everyone safe in your building is important.

    • Safely store anything that can catch fire away from your home, balcony, in shared areas or sheds (for example, petrol or gas canisters. You must make us aware of materials needed for medical use such as oxygen). 
    • Smoke only where it is allowed and away from your neighbours windows where the smell may travel. Always throw away your cigarette ends responsibly and safely.
    • Close any communal gates or doors behind you.

We’ll work with you to help you enjoy where you live

Where issues are persistent or causing serious distress, please speak to us confidentially. You can find out more about the way we'll work with you to sort issues out at

Please let us know about any repairs, abandoned cars, ASB, vandalism, fly-tipping or anything else you’ve noticed in the area that we need to be aware of.