We are always listening, learning and improving!

We are committed to providing quality homes and services as part of our fair deal for customers.

To make sure we're always following best practices, we continuously review our approaches in line with the Housing Ombudsman and their spotlight reports

Keeping you informed is important, so on this page you can read about any new learnings and actions we are taking to improve your experience.

Scroll down to find out more and let us know if you have any feedback.

Key areas of focus April - June 2023 

Working closely with our teams, we’d like to share some of the ways we've been acting on your input.

  • Keeping you informed

    Recent feedback from Thrive Customer Voice members told us that messages about repair appointments are confusing, so we’ve been reviewing the wording used.

    After looking at how you are told about upcoming and follow-up repairs, we are pleased to share that we have:

    • reminded our engineers to make sure you know when they are on their way
    • introduced a new process to make sure you know when your next repair appointment is before we leave your home
    • started taking a closer look at if there are any particular repair types that you are unhappy with.
  • Listening and acting on your feedback

    Listening and acting on your input

    Using your feedback, we made some changes to our website homepage to make it easier to access information about our repairs service.

    • 7% increase in customers feeling it is easy to report a repair 
    • 8.25% more visits to our repairs webpage

    Your feedback is also telling us that we don’t always keep you informed about other appointments and enquiries you have, such as anti-social behaviour cases. To improve this, we are:  

    • providing colleague refresher training on record keeping
    • making system changes to make sure outstanding enquiries can be monitored and customers are responded to
    • introducing a rota to make sure our colleagues have time in their working day to respond to any outstanding queries.

    This means you may hear from a number of our colleagues, which should keep you informed regularly.

  • Feeling safe in your home

    We expect our customers to feel and be safe in their home, so we’ve been taking a closer look at why 23% don’t feel this way.

    So far, we have found themes connected to flat block door entry systems as well as anti-social behaviour issues.

    To make sure we’ve understood everything fully, we are going to be asking Thrive Customer Voice members to tell us if there is anything else we’re missing and how we can improve attention to important safety communications in late September.

Key areas of focus July - September 2023

We've been looking closely into our complaints and the feedback we've received through surveys for this time period. The areas we've noticed that require the greatest improvement from your feedback are:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Keeping communal areas clean and well maintained
  • Grounds maintenance 
  • Poor communication in relation to responsive repairs

We are working on the actions we'll be taking. Thrive Customer Voice members will be the first to hear about any changes, so be sure to become a member if you don't want to miss out!