We are always listening, learning and improving!

Whether it’s a passing comment, a complaint, compliment or a survey response – we use your feedback to understand where we can improve.  

We also follow best practices such as the latest advice from the Housing Ombudsman and their spotlight reports.  

On this page you can read about any new learnings and actions we are taking to improve your experience. 

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Key focuses

Last updated: May 2024 

These are the areas we are working on right now: 

Keeping you informed 

We’re making sure colleagues are correctly recording your enquiries and getting back to you when they promised. We're also ensuring they are clear about what you can expect from us after you contact us. 

As part of this, all our teams have started quality checking a sample of the enquiries they’ve received to see how they responded to you and if there’s anything they could do better. 

Cleaning and grounds maintenance

It’s been a year since you voted to keep the same cleaning service for another 12 months to avoid a rise in costs. This means it’s now time to start looking at what the future of the service looks like.   

We can see that the cleaning service hasn’t been meeting our standards and we know that you feel the same about our grounds maintenance service, too.  

Acting on your feedback, we’re planning to review these contracts this summer. The sessions were due to take place in March have been rescheduled. We’ll be sending new invites out to Thrive Customer Voice members and those who receive the service soon.   

Helping you feel safer in your home

In a survey last year, some customers told us that they don’t always feel safe in their home because of issues with door entry systems and the length of time to repair them.   
Many of our door entry systems are in need of repairs and adjustments that require specialist parts and engineers to fix. Acting on your feedback, we are working to upgrade some of these systems and we will be in touch with customers living in blocks included in these works. 

We have also improved the quality of information available to customers facing anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues. This includes a new tool to check what is and isn’t ASB, how to deal with it, and help and support available. We have also started adding examples of ASB cases and how we worked together with customers. 

Repairs and maintenance

We’re experiencing a high level of repair requests right now, which means we aren’t always meeting our usual wait times.  

As part of this, we have found customers aren’t always being kept updated about their repair when extra works are needed. We’re looking at ways we can improve our communication about outstanding repairs so you know what to expect next.  

View our current wait times at: https://www.thrivehomes.org.uk/my-home/service-updates/

Health and safety

We've been using complaints to spot hazards and near misses before they become bigger problems. When you tell us about these problems, we take note and use this information to help prevent them in the future. For example, we record every report of damp and mould as a ‘near miss’ – this is one way we can understand which buildings and areas might need more attention. 

We’ve found more cases of people slipping and tripping outside in the summer, so we’re spreading the word about being careful, especially around our shared gardens. 

There have been a few accidents with tree branches falling after storms. Our regular estate inspections look for potential hazards before they cause an accident. We’ve also started keeping an eye on the weather to remind everyone to let us know if they see something unsafe when it’s stormy. 

We’ve also made changes to the information available on our website on what you need to take care of as a tenant, like looking after trees in your garden.  

Stay in the know! 

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Completed actions

Last updated: May 2024

These are the changes we’ve made to improve your experience:

  • Anti-social behaviour (ASB)


    • Made it easier to access the information and resources we have available on our website about ASB. 
    • Created a tool to diagnose ASB and what to do next.
    • Started to add examples of ASB and how we have dealt with these cases.
    • We worked with customers to develop the Good Neighbour Guide.
    • Created an ASB resource page. 


    • Reviewed our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy with Thrive Customer Voice members  
    • Held a customer focus group to develop guidance on how to be a good neighbour.  


    • Introduced a survey to check how well we’ve handled ASB cases.
  • Communal cleaning service


    • Introduced a new way to view cleaning schedules and give feedback on individual visits on our website. 
    • Kept the same cleaning service during 2023 after 67% of customers voted for this option to avoid a rise in costs.  
    • Employed new sets of cleaners at sites where there are more issues.  


    • Introduced extra contractor meetings, site inspections and spot visits to monitor quality of the service.  
  • Complaints


    • Added an extra step in our process to check in with customers that they are happy we have everything in hand. 
    • Freed up more time for colleagues by creating a dedicated team who are specialists in complaints handling, so they are able to focus more on their job.


    • Started providing clear action plans that summarise the steps we will be taking to resolve complaints. 
    • Introduced a survey for you to tell us about your experience of our complaints process.  
    • Scheduled regular meetings with colleagues to review complaints trends and discuss improvements to services across the business.  
  • Customer services


    • Introduced a text message survey to see what training and support is needed to make sure our customer call centre can answer your queries and resolve issues as quickly as possible.


    • Scheduled colleague training on rent and service charge queries twice a year.  
  • Digital services


    • Introduced a new way to view cleaning schedules and give feedback on individual visits on our website. 


    • Added instructions on the myThrive hub on how you can save it as an icon on your phone or tablet’s home screen so you can access it like other apps.  
    • Changed the layout of account statements on the myThrive hub so it’s easier to view on a mobile device. 
  • Grounds maintenance


    • Introduced a new way to view grounds maintenance schedules and give feedback on individual visits on our website. 


    • Introduced extra contractor meetings, site inspections and spot visits to monitor quality of the service. 
  • Ways to keep you informed


    • Completing quality checks on the ways we’ve kept in touch with you to make sure you’re kept informed and that we’re working in line with our standards.  


    • Started offering telephone appointments so you know when someone will call you back if we can’t answer your query at the first point of contact.  
  • Property improvements


    • Shared what upgrades we carry out in our Annual Report for Tenants.  
    • Started carrying out physical inspections of your home when you request an upgrade (such as a new kitchen or bathroom) before it is due to be replaced. 
  • Repairs


    • Gained more support in terms of resources to make sure leave and absence from the business is covered. 
    • Added current wait times to repairs status page. 
    • Published new repairs timescales using customer feedback.


    • Reviewed the wording used in our messages about repair appointments. 
    • Reminded our engineers and contractors to make sure you know when they are on their way. 
    • Introduced a new process to make sure you know when your next repair appointment is before we leave your home.