Your Home

Thrive Deal

Your home is at the core of your relationship with us. Working together, we’ll make sure you can continue to enjoy it. This page sets out what we’ll deliver and what we ask of you in return.

Our offer to you: a safe, affordable, well-maintained quality home.

We’ll make sure your home is: 

  • Safe, with all installations checked, tested and signed off meeting our Home Standard. 
  • Affordable, costing you at least 20% less than the market rate. 
  • Well maintained, with a 24/7 responsive repair service. 
  • Quality, meeting our Home Standard.

What we ask of you: keep your home in the same condition as when you moved in.

  • When you move in, you’ll sign an inventory to set out the condition of your home. 
  • From then on, you’ll be responsible for keeping it in this condition. This includes decorating, cleaning and tidying plus any repairs that are your responsibility, and you must report any Thrive repairs needed promptly and allow us access to complete them.

If we own communal areas around your home, we’ll work with you to maintain them too. You can read full details in our Communal Areas Standard.

Communal areas include gardens surrounding a block, entrance halls, staircases and any bin and storage areas.

  • Our Home Standard: inventory and annual Home Plan visits

    We’re proud to offer safe, secure, quality homes. Our Home Standard sets out the condition our homes will be let in and the standard we’ll maintain them to.

    At the start of your tenancy, the condition of your home will be recorded in an inventory which both Thrive and you will sign. The inventory records any obvious existing damage or wear and tear to the property - with photographic records - and proves the condition of the property in the event of any dispute.

    We will then carry out a Home Plan visit once a year to confirm who is living in the property, assess its condition and check for compliance with your tenancy agreement. It’s an opportunity for you or us to highlight any issues that need to be fixed and to get an up to date record of the property’s condition.

    At the end of the tenancy we’ll carry out a final inventory inspection. You can find out more in our Home Standard and our Inventory Factsheet.

  • Alterations, wear and tear and damage

    Your tenancy agreement requires you to keep your home in the same condition as it was when you moved in.

    To make sure all our homes stay in good condition, we don’t allow customers to make alterations to their homes. You can put up pictures, shelves or brackets, but these must be removed and returned to its former state at the end of the tenancy. We charge for rectifying any alterations identified.

    You are not responsible for maintenance costs caused by fair wear and tear. However, the law states that you are responsible for careless or deliberate damage to your home and you must either rectify the damage yourself or ask us to do so at a charge.

    You can find out more about our charges in our Statement of Charges and Compensation.

  • Repairs

    Most repairs needed in your home will be identified at your annual Home Plan visit. We’ll return at a convenient time to carry them out in one appointment, although some repairs might be done as part of a programme of planned works. Your home should then be ‘repair free’ until your next Home Plan visit.

    If you need a repair, first check who is responsible by clicking here and choosing the relevant way to report it.

    Emergency repairs: where health and safety is at risk or the property may be damaged, we operate an out of hours service on 0800 917 6077.

  • Access to your home

    Sometimes we will need to visit your home to undertake repairs, safety checks and inspections. We will normally give at least 24 hours’ notice of a visit and you will need to give us access to the property.

    If you’re unable to keep your appointment, you must let us know by 3pm on the previous working day. Failure to do so will result in any repair jobs being closed and a charged issued to you. If we miss an appointment on the day without giving you notice we will pay compensation in accordance with our Statement of Charges and Compensation.

    Occasionally, in limited circumstances, we may need access to your home without giving notice. This might be in order to carry out essential emergency repairs, to remedy a health and safety risk, or where there is reason to believe a customer is incapacitated. We will make sure your home is secure afterwards.

    If we have difficulty in contacting you, we may make unannounced visits. You will not be charged if you are not in when we call, but if you don’t respond to a request to contact us this will trigger a tenancy investigation.

  • Charges

    We will charge you in advance for any services that fall outside our contractual obligations set out in the Tenancy Agreement. We apply charges in a fair, consistent and transparent manner and you will be notified about any charges you need to pay.

    Charges will be recovered as additional rent. You can find more details about services we charge for and when charges will be made in our Statement of Charges and Compensation.

  • Monitoring our performance

    We aim to always deliver on our offer to you and we monitor our performance on a quarterly basis. You can read more about this in our Customer Measures online.