Customer Measures

How we check we are delivering against our service standards.

We measure our success by asking customers to complete surveys. We also carry out estate inspections to oversee contracts and communal repairs.

Together with other insights, feedback on our measures is used to identify areas or services for review with Thrive Customer Voice members.

Broken down into the following categories, this is what we are trying to measure when we ask for your feedback.

  • Thrive Deal (our service standards)

    Using your feedback, we are looking to measure:


    • Our colleagues who dealt with your new tenancy were helpful.
    • Our engineers leave your home clean and tidy.
    • Our engineers' behaviour towards you.
    • How satisfied you are with your most recent contact with us.


    • If you trust us to do what we say we will do.
    • That we keep you informed throughout the repairs process.
    • We listen and act.


    • You are treated fairly and with respect.
    • You trust Thrive to do what they say they will do.
    • We are easy to deal with.
    • Our approach to complaint handling.
    • Our approach to handling anti – social behaviour (ASB).

    General service

    • Your satisfaction with:
      • the overall service we have provided
      • the repairs service
      • the lettings service.
    • Your issue was resolved at first point of contact.
    • How well we keep you informed about things that matter to you as a tenant.

    Digital service

    • You can access the services you need using our digital channels.
  • Your Home

    Using your feedback, we are looking to measure:

    The standard of your home when you first move in, including...

    • Your satisfaction with:
      • the condition of your home at the time of letting
      • how we dealt with any repairs when you moved into your property.
    • That we have provided you with a home that is safe and well maintained.

    Emergency repairs

    • The overall quality of work.

    Easy fix repairs

    • The ease of reporting your repair.

    Standard repairs

    • The length of time taken to complete your repair.

    Communal areas

    • We keep your communal areas clean and well maintained.
    • We make a positive contribution to your neighbourhood.
    • We provide you with a home that is safe and well maintained.
  • Our Relationship

    Using your feedback, we are looking to measure:

    • We resolve your queries at the first point of contact.
    • You are kept informed throughout the repairs process.
    • How easy we are to deal with.
    • You trust us to do what we say we will do.
    • We listen and act.

    When you've submitted a  formal complaint...

    • Our colleagues understood the issue fully.
    • Your complaint was dealt with quickly.
    • You were treated fairly during your complaint.
  • Your Tenancy

    Using your feedback, we are looking to measure:

    When you become a Thrive customer...

    • Your satisfaction with the information and advice provided when moving in.
    • The information you are provided is clear.
    • How easy it is to use the myThrive hub (our customer portal). 

    When you have reported anti-social behaviour (ASB)...

    • Your satisfaction with how anti-social behaviour was handled.
    • You were kept informed.
    • Your satisfaction with the support you received from us.

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