Rent to Buy

Providing an affordable route to home ownership

Rent to Buy is a great option for people who are looking to save a deposit to buy their own home.

A government scheme designed to ease the transition from renting to buying a home by providing subsidised rent. It is often seen as ‘try before you buy’.

How does it work?

With Rent to Buy in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you rent a home at a discount to the open market rate for a period of 2-5 years in a fixed term Assured Shorthold tenancy.

This period of discounted rent is intended to give you the chance to save for a cash deposit so you can buy your home later.  

You are free to purchase a share of your home (subject to contract and conditions) at any point during your tenancy. When you get to the end of the fixed term tenancy, you must either buy part of the property under a Shared Ownership scheme or move out.

What are the benefits?

  1. You’re able to move into your new home and save towards purchasing the property.
  2. You’ll pay a reduced rent on the property – around a 20 percent discount on the market rent.
  3. You can settle into your new surroundings knowing that you’ll have the option to buy the home you’re renting.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must:

  • be in full-time employment
  • be able to show that you will have sufficient income to be able to save towards a mortgage deposit
  • be a first time buyer
  • have a combined household income under £80,000 a year. A household can be one person, or you and a partner, or you and a friend
  • meet both a credit referencing check & Right to Rent check- please note we will be unable to proceed if you have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) issued in the last three years.

Additional eligibility criteria may be included for specific developments.  

Rent to Buy and shared ownership

Many Rent to Buy schemes allow you to buy a portion of your home rather than the whole thing. This is known as shared ownership.

As a shared owner you choose to buy a percentage of your home i.e. 25% and continue to rent the remaining portion (75%). In the future, you are entitled to purchase additional shares (equity) in your home through a process called staircasing. Find out more at

Are there any other costs associated with Rent to Buy?

Those wishing to buy the property should be aware of the following costs:

  • solicitor’s fees, including disbursements
  • Stamp Duty (if applicable)
  • mortgage arrangement fees
  • shared ownership rent
  • shared ownership management fee
  • buildings insurance
  • service charge.

Can the rental agreement be ended before the end of the tenancy term?

Yes, all tenancy agreements contain a break clause (normally after the initial six months) from this point the agreement can be terminated with two months’ notice.

You must ensure that the property is returned to us in the same condition as when you moved in and that your rent account is not in arrears.

Interested in Rent to Buy options?

We don't currently have any rent to buy properties available. If you want to know when a property does become available please sign up below and we'll get in touch. Please note we will only keep your details on the database for six months and will not share them with any other parties.