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Your Home

Thrive Deal

Your home is at the heart of your relationship with us.

This document sets out what we’ll deliver and what we will ask of you in return.

Please note: Individual Leases will vary and should be referred to for a full list of conditions and responsibilities.

Our offer to you: a safe, well-maintained building structure with competitively tendered service costs.

This means:

  • Safe, keeping the structure of the building in safe repair and condition with up to date buildings insurance.
  • Well maintained, keeping the communal areas repaired and decorated in line with our Communal Areas Standard, whilst ensuring that every customer has free access to and from their home.
  • At a reasonable cost, we are committed to providing services to a good standard whilst ensuring value for money. We will consult with you before carrying out works that will cost you more than £250 or £100 per year under a Qualifying Long-Term Agreement.

What we ask of you: keep your home safe and in good repair, whilst respecting those who live around you.

This includes:

  • Keep your home safe, maintaining your home and contents in accordance with safety guidelines and regulations, such as gas, electricity and fire.
  • Maintain your home in a good state of repair and decorative condition and seek consent if carrying out alterations, additions or improvements.
  • Respect those who live around you, only use your property as a place of residence and ensure activities within your home do not disrupt or cause upset to your neighbours.
  • Grant Thrive access with reasonable notice (unless an emergency) in order to carry out repairs and/or inspect your property as needed.

If we own communal areas around your home, we’ll work with you to maintain them too. You can read full details in our Communal Areas Standard. Communal areas include gardens surrounding a block, entrance halls, staircases and any bin and storage areas.


Repairs and maintenance responsibilities

  • Repairs in your leasehold flat

    You are responsible for all repairs within your flat. Generally, these relate to:

    • All internal parts of your home including all services that are used solely by you
    • Fixtures and fittings within your home
    • Cables, pipes and drains within your home and serve it exclusively
    • Any leaks coming from your home or your services
    • Windowpanes, doors, and locks
    • Internal decorations
      • Non-structural walls and partitions within your home
      • All plaster or other finishes to walls, ceilings or floors

    This is more clearly defined in your lease.

    Thrive or a third-party management company are responsible for carrying out repairs to the communal areas

  • Repairs to the communal area

    If we own communal areas around your home, we’ll work with you so that we can best maintain them. You can read the full details in our Communal Area Standard. Sometimes, however, there is a management company that provides this service on behalf of Thrive. This will be clearly outlined in your purchase documents.

    Communal areas generally relate to:

    • the shared garden spaces and paths surrounding a block
    • entrance halls, staircases, and any bin and storage areas
    • Structural aspects such as load-bearing walls, roof, guttering, foundations, balconies (excluding the floor), window frames
    • Common utilities and services shared by all properties.

    This is more clearly defined in your lease.

    We arrange for regular inspections of our communal areas, but we also count on our customers to report repairs to us so that we are aware and can deal with them accordingly.

    If you, your family, or your visitors damage the communal areas you will be responsible for the cost of repairing this. We do our best to investigate any issues but rely on customers who live within the block to help us identify and evidence the person or persons responsible for the damage.  Where there are no witnesses or it is not possible to identify an individual, then the cost of the repair will be added to the service charge and split across everyone in the block, in accordance with the terms of your lease.

  • Monitoring our performance

    We aim to always deliver on our offer to you and we monitor our performance on a quarterly basis. You can read more about this in our Customer Measures online.

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