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Last updated November 2023

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  • Repairs service updates

    We’re receiving a higher number of repair requests than normal right now and we expect this to increase.  

    More things tend to go wrong with heating and plumbing during the colder months, which means we expect our engineers to be busier than ever this winter.   

    We want to make sure you stay warm and safe, and there’s a few ways you can help: 

    • Test your heating system is working as it should be now 
    • Let us know about any issues such as loose roof tiles before the hard weather hits  
    • Take a look at the repairs page on our website so you know where to look if you need a repair 

    If you find an issue, we’ll send one of our trusted engineers to check it out before it gets worse. If we can’t book a repair visit right away, we might need to use a different company to do the job. If that happens, we will let you know within two days when they will come.  

    We know you prefer our own Thrive Homes Services (THS) engineers because you feel they provide a better service and you know them. We’re pleased to share that last month they completed almost all of our repair requests (97.4%) so you didn’t have to wait for other companies. 

    Remember, if you have a few repairs that can wait, you can use your HomePlan visit as an opportunity for our expert team to identify all issues and schedule an appointment to complete them all at once.

  • Safe and well

    The cold weather is on its way, which may bring out damp and mould issues.  

    Our damp and mould advice page was put together with Thrive Customer Voice members to help you diagnose the problem and what to do next. You can also find some information on how to prevent it from happening.  

    If you find any damp or mould in your home that you can’t get rid of as part of your usual cleaning routine, please let us know!  

    Check out the latest advice at:  

  • Safe and secure

    Listening to recent feedback, customers told us they often feel unsafe because of issues with their building’s communal entrance.  

    We want you to feel safe in your home, so our repairs team have logged all communal door issues mentioned in the recent survey. As we are facing a high number of repairs, these may take a little longer to fix.  

    Your front door is the main security to your home, so please let us know right away if you discover an issue with this.  

  • Our performance

    85.9% of customers surveyed last month told us they were satisfied with our repairs service.  

    We’re always looking for ways we can improve the service. Here’s some actions we’ve recently taken using Thrive Customer Voice suggestions: 

    “Keep customers informed about repair appointments”.  

    We have reviewed the wording used in the text messages you receive about your repair appointments and should notice a change in these text messages in the coming weeks.  

    “Provide customers with clear and accessible information about the repairs service.” 

    After updating the homepage of our website so you can easily access information about our repairs service, we saw an 8.6% increase in page visits. This is in addition to a 7% rise in customers telling us they find it easy to report a repair! 

    Do you have fresh ideas to improve our services?  

    Become a Thrive Customer Voice member to have a say! 

  • Planned maintenance updates

    We spend millions upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, roofs and more every year. 

    Material and labour costs have risen by 15% for two years in a row. With more rises predicted, it’s important we plan ahead to make sure our homes receive the upgrades they need.  

    Identifying upgrades 

    We aim to carry out a stock condition survey (SCS) to all our homes every five years to check over their condition and work out what upgrades are needed.  

    Hundreds of these visits are taking place right now so we can plan works due to take place between April 2024 – March 2025. This includes properties that need new insulation to stay warm and efficient.  

    If we’ve contacted you to arrange a survey, please work with us to find a suitable time. To learn more, head to: 

    Warm and energy efficient homes  

    We are still working hard to target homes that are harder to heat. If your property is eligible, you will have received information of your external wall insulation upgrade and we’ll be in contact about starting this work. 

    If you are struggling to heat your home, take a look at our heating guides and energy saving tips: 

    • Find out how to set your heating system up efficiently  
    • Take a look at our energy saving tips 

    We’re always working to enhance this information, so if there’s anything you’d like more information on, please let us know. 

Beware of bogus callers

If you suspect someone is pretending to work on our behalf, please do not let them into your home and call us on 0800 917 6077 to verify their details. 

As a reminder – our colleagues and contractors:  

  • will always carry ID and you can ask to see this  
  • will never ask you for any cash payment.  

If you are suspicious or worried, contact the police straight away. 

We want these updates to be meaningful to you, so if there’s something you’d like to hear about next time – leave us a comment.  


Ben Sewell
Service Delivery Manager