Established in 2008, Thrive Homes is an experienced professional landlord creating quality homes where people enjoy living. 

Everything we do is focused on delivering great landlord services; making sure that the homes are well looked-after, that repairs are done and that homes are affordable for the people who are living in them.

Achieving a fair deal for our customers is a key focus at Thrive. 

In 2019, we launched our 'Thrive Deal', which encourages a transparent relationship between us and our customers based on mutual respect.

The Deal ensures that we are clear about what our customers can expect from us as a landlord (our ‘offer’) and what we expect in return (our ‘ask’). As part of the Deal we undertake annual 'Home Plan' visits. These visits are an opportunity for customers to highlight any issues or repairs that need to be fixed and for us to get an up to date record of the property’s condition.