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Thrive customers feedback on repair timescales

In February 2024, we held two sessions with customers to help set out our repair appointment timescales. Customers gave feedback on how long it takes for us to attend for a repair, how repairs should be prioritised and how we should gain access for essential works.

The new Consumer Standards expects landlords to be clear and transparent about these repairs timescales. By holding these sessions, we’re confident that our timescales are fair and reasonable.

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Here are some of the main things we learned along with the actions we’re taking.

  • Repairs timescales

    Customers agreed that the timescales we set out are fair, but it’s important that we work hard to meet them and keep you informed along the way.

    We’ve set our timescales out on our website, so it’s easy for you to check.

    Take a look at them here

    We’re also working on adding live wait times for appointments in our monthly repairs updates. where you can find out when to expect them to be booked in.

    Our team are working hard to make sure you are kept informed about your appointments.

    We’ve been focusing on ensuring you receive a text before your appointment to keep you informed and make sure you know when we are coming.

    Customers asked about some of our 20 working day repairs. They asked if they would still sit in this category if they were causing damp and mould or affecting a whole block. These included:

    • drainage issues
    • communal lighting problems
    • guttering issues.

    We spoke about making sure we have as much information as possible at the time the repair is reported so we can understand the severity of it and make sure we attend in an acceptable time frame.

    We will be working with our team to make sure information is clear and concise on repair reports and ask that you give us as much detail as possible when reporting issues.

    Customers told us that they thought 20 working days is too long to repair a shower that isn’t working if you have a bath and have young children.

    We understand that this may not be practical for those with young children.

    We discussed assessing this on a case-by-case basis and agreed it would tie into the prioritisation of repairs for different groups.

  • Prioritising repairs

    Customers agreed that the groups of customers we already prioritise are fair. They were also happy that we use our judgement on a case-by-case basis (age, disability, young families, terminally ill).

    We will continue to assess repairs on a case-by-case basis considering vulnerabilities or disabilities.

    We were asked if we could consider customers who work full time and may require evening or weekend appointments, this may include single parents who could need more flexibility.

    To help with this, some of our engineers will be working until 6pm to carry out any later appointments. We will continue to monitor the demand for this.

    Customers expressed how important it was for us to know our customers so we can prioritise repairs correctly.

    We always encourage customers to share their information with us and will continue to do this as customers’ needs and preferences change over time.

    If you do receive an email from us asking to update your information, please fill this in. It helps us to understand your needs and will not affect your tenancy in any way.

    You can update you information with us here:

  • Access for essential works

    Customers agreed that, as a very last resort, legal action should be taken to gain access for essential works like external wall insulation, boiler replacements, kitchen replacements etc.

    We will take legal action as a last resort for access for essential works.

    This will only be done after all other efforts have been exhausted.

    Customers asked if we needed to include access for essential works in tenancy agreements to encourage access rates for these works.

    The Thrive Deal sets out when we will require access for any works in your home. You can find this information here.

    We will continue to monitor access issues for essential works to see if further action is necessary.

    Some customers queried why customers might refuse these works and asked if it was because of the inconvenience and mess it may cause.

    We understand that these works can cause some inconvenience. It’s our job to make sure you home is kept to a safe and good standard, and we’ll always make sure our contractors clear up the area once they have finished the works.

    If you don’t feel that this has been done, we encourage you to let us know so we can deal with this for you.

Thank you again to those who took part in our sessions, we can’t make a difference without your feedback!

If you’re a Thrive customer and want to get involved in more opportunities to have your say, you can become a Thrive Customer Voice member here.