Pinnacle cleaning


July 2024

Welcome to your latest update on the communal cleaning service!

In June, customers completed a survey and met with us to talk about the next steps for renewing the cleaning contract. As part of this, we followed up with customers to understand what’s important to them as part of the service.

We’d like to thank those who got involved, as by doing this, we can make sure the cleaning service provides a fair deal for customers. In the coming weeks, we’ll share a summary of the findings and next steps with Thrive Customer Voice members.

  • Making sure the current service meets our standards

    Listening to your feedback, it’s clear you want to hear how we’ll make sure our current service meets our standards.

    Some of the feedback we received from customers during our online workshop was that they don’t know when deep cleans are meant to happen.

    Our team is currently working with Pinnacle on a way to make sure we have better visibility of when these visits happen.

    We’re also continuing to:

    • have regular meetings with the contractor so we can tackle any emerging issues and keep you informed early on
    • monitor visits, including carrying out spot checks. Listening to your feedback on areas to improve, we’ll pay close attention to checking surfaces such as railings were wiped down and floors are vacuumed and/or mopped. 

    Your feedback helps us keep things on track. You can see exactly when the cleaners will be visiting and what tasks they'll be completing online at:

    We’re currently updating the calendars for this year, and we’ll let you know once they are ready to view.

  • Clean and clear bin areas

    Bulk rubbish and incorrect bin usage is a problem at some blocks, and we’re working with the cleaners to make sure these are kept clean and clear.

    Our team is monitoring sites where there is a specific problem with the bin area and checking on these weekly so we can keep them in a better condition, but we need your help to do this too.

    Bin areas can be dark and dingy places, so it’s important to make sure you dispose of your rubbish correctly as a way of making sure the area is accessible for your neighbours to use.

    Please help us to do this by:

    • letting us know about any overflowing bins or missed collections
    • disposing of large and bulky items at your local recycling centre. You can find the closes one to your homes here
    • Breaking down cardboard boxes before putting them in the correct bin (or down the chute, if your building has one)
    • Never leaving rubbish outside of your property or in communal areas.

    Find out more about how to keep your bin store or bin chute clear and safe.

We're always happy to hear from you, so if you have feedback to share with us or want to let us know what you’d like to hear about in my updates head to:

Adrian Anstee

Senior Estates Officer