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November 2022

Cost of living is top of many people's minds right now, and we share this concern. 

Looking at ways we can help, we recently held an online event to show you how to adjust your heating system to use less energy. We also shared advice on where to turn if you're struggling to pay bills. You can access this information by clicking here.

At Thrive, we have a number of Working Groups made up of colleagues from across the business to look at areas such as our key services, customer satisfaction and complaints, health and wellbeing, equality and diversity. You can find out what these groups have been discussing below.

  • Customer (key services, satisfaction, and complaints)

    Your experience as a Thrive customer is a key priority for this working group, who have been developing an action plan that makes sure Thrive is providing a fair deal.

    Most recently, this group has set out how it will monitor various areas such as understanding if we are:

    • doing what we say we will
    • keeping you informed about things that matter to you
    • listening and acting on your input
    • helping you feel safe in your home.

    Insights from these measures will be used to identify where we may need Thrive Customer Voice members to review a certain area and you can find out more about upcoming activities at: thrivehomes.org.uk/getinvolved

    In addition to this, the Customer Working Group has introduced ways of supporting our colleagues to respond to complaints effectively and this has resulted in a 30% increase of complaints being responded to within target time.

    Lastly, they also helped score applications for grant funding and you can read more about which local organisations have been selected here.

  • Safe and well

    As a Thrive customer, you have access to additional help and support when you need it. This working group is keen for you to know that we can always find someone to help if you’re struggling to cope and you can find out more at: thrivehomes.org.uk/wellbeing

    This group has been reviewing sections of the Thrive Deal such as how we work with you to keep areas around your home safe and how we handle anti-social behaviour. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for you to view.

    They also reviewed the way we manage our contractors. We know keeping you informed is important, so this autumn we are holding training sessions in with our key contractors on our values and the ways they interact with our customers.

  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion

    Letting us know who lives in your home and any needs they have means we can make sure you have easy and equal access to our services.

    For example, if we know English isn’t your first language, we can arrange a translator when we speak with you. Or if you have a disability that may make it longer for you to get to the door, we know to wait a little longer when visiting your home.

    This working group wants to gain a better understanding of these needs, so we’ve been working to update customer records. Next year we’ll be reaching out to those who haven’t provided this information to us, and we’d really appreciate you taking a minute to complete this.

    If you’re not comfortable sharing this information with us, you can log onto the myThrive hub and let us know at: portal.thrivehomes.org.uk/my-household

I’m looking forward to meeting customers online on Wednesday 16th November 2022 to discuss the safety of their building. Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing a summary of the event and how we plan to act on your views.

A link to the full newsletter can be found below, and if there's anything you'd like to hear about next time, leave us a comment at: thrivehomes.org.uk/give-feedback

Wishing you a warm and healthy winter,

Emma Murphy
Assistant Director, Business Risk & Assurance

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