Energy saving tips

Whilst staying warm this winter

We know the recent energy hikes are a concern for many, so we’ve put together some advice to help you reduce your energy use whilst staying warm at home this winter.

Help us understand the efficiency of your home by sharing your meter readings with us today

  • Top tips to save on energy in your home

    Move furniture away from radiators

    Valuable heat is often absorbed by furniture. Moving furniture helps your heating system warm the room up quickly and efficiently.

    Close the doors

    Trap the heat into the rooms you are using by shutting your internal doors and keeping window trickle vents open for ventilation.

    Shut up shop

    Close your curtains when the sun sets to keep the heat in

    Turn radiators down or completely off

    Only heat the rooms you’re in, so you don’t waste energy heating empty spaces in your home.

    Choose low-energy appliances

    When it’s time to replace or upgrade, always consider those that are labelled as energy star certified and opt for LED lightbulbs.

    Bulk it out

    Batch cook meals and only use the washing machine or dishwasher when full.

    Are you concered your loft is not well insulated? 

    Please get in touch with us and we will advise – please don’t get in your loft to check.  

    Top tip for your pocket!

    See if you’re eligible for any grants to help with your energy costs this winter at:

  • What we're doing to improve the energy efficiency of our properties

    Each year we spend around £4million upgrading our homes, and in 2022-2023, we allocated £1m to improving the energy efficiency of our properties. This includes installing cavity wall and loft insulation, modern double glazing and upgrading heating systems.

    It doesn’t stop there. We’re working closely with partners such as E.ON and British Gas to carry out even more insulation upgrades on our behalf.

    Work is underway preparing these programmes for the coming year. You can help us with our planning by sharing your gas and electric meter readings with us. We’re starting to ask all customers to share these with us to help us to assess which properties need to be prioritised for upgrades.

    Help us understand the efficiency of your home by sharing your meter readings with us today