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Ending your tenancy 

You will need to give us 28 days’ written notice, either by post or email accompanying a completed copy of our 'Ending your Tenancy Form' - you can download a copy here

The notice will start on the day we receive your confirmation in writing and your tenancy will end on the Monday four full weeks after this date.  

  • You must make sure that your rent account is paid in full up to the date when your tenancy ends 
  • Your home must be inspected before you move out to identify what work has to be done. We will advise on the condition in which you should leave your home, and any works to be completed by you.  
  • If any repair work has not been completed before you move out, or you fail to attend the inspection, you will be charged for any repairs required. 

Reminder: four weeks’ notice in writing is essential as stated in your Tenancy Agreement. 

If you have a question about Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you should contact your local authority.  

Clearing up 
  • All of the property should be cleared and cleaned – including sheds, outbuildings, loft spaces and gardens. You will be charged if the clearance and cleaning isn’t done by you, rent will continue to be charged while the contractor is carrying this out.  
  • You must remove all furniture, carpets, your belongings and any rubbish. 
  • We will carry out another inspection on the property once the keys are returned. If any repairs, clearance, cleaning or re-decoration have to be done, the costs will be charged to you. (These costs can be between £10 to over £7,000, so it’s sensible to leave your property empty and in a very good condition!).  
    Please note: If you are transferring to another Thrive property, this inspection will take place before you sign up for your new property. If any outstanding repairs or clearance are not completed, your offer for the new property will be withdrawn.  

There are organisations that can help you with clearing items, for example, your local authority or sites such as freecycle and social media. Local charity shops are pleased to have clothing and other items in good condition. 

The new tenant 

When you tell Thrive Homes that you want to move out, your home will be offered straight away to someone on the Housing Register. This involves your property being advertised. 

In some cases, Thrive Homes will arrange with you a convenient time for a new tenant to come and view your property. Sometimes we will arrange a multiple viewing when several potential tenants visit the property together. 

A member of Thrive Homes will be at all viewings. Don’t let anyone into your property to look around if we are not there. 

Returning your keys 
  • All keys including security keys and fobs must be returned before 9.30 am on the Monday your tenancy ends or you will be charged another week’s rent.  
  • Please complete a copy of our Key Schedule Form and return it with the keys, you will be given a receipt upon return.  
  • If you return the keys within the four week notice period, rent will still be charged until the tenancy end date. 
  • Once you return your keys, the property is under the control of Thrive Homes. 
  • We will carry out another inspection once the property is empty. If any repairs, clearance, cleaning or re-decoration have to be done, the costs will be charged to you.  
  • If you owe rent arrears or debts to Thrive Homes, you’ll be asked to pay them. 

Please note: if you are transferring to another Thrive property,  

Transferring to another Thrive property 

If you are moving to another Thrive Homes’ property, the rule is: 

  • You must return the keys of your present property before 9.30 am on the Monday your new tenancy starts.  
  • If you don’t return the keys in time, you’ll be charged another full week’s rent. This goes on, with a further week’s rent being charged, until the keys are returned. 
Top tips when you end your tenancy  

A summary of the key steps to follow when ending your tenancy 

  1. Write to Thrive Homes to say that you are ending your tenancy and submit the End your Tenancy Form. Give the date when you intend to move out. (Four weeks’ notice is required). 
  2. Write to or telephone any benefit providers to tell them you are moving. 
  3. Inform the DWP if you receive a retirement pension, income support/JSA or any other benefits. 
  4. Arrange for the gas meter to be read. 
  5. Arrange for the electricity meter to be read. 
  6. Tell your telephone and internet supplier about your move. 
  7. Arrange for the water meter to be read, if this is appropriate. 
  8. Arrange the removal of furniture and all of your other possessions. 
  9. Give instructions to the Post Office about redirecting your post. 
  10. Tell your home contents insurance company about your move. 
  11. Arrange for your property to be cleaned and for any rubbish to be taken away. 
  12. Return your keys along with the completed Key Schedule form. Remember to do this by 9.30 am on the Monday that the tenancy ends. Remember: if you don’t do this, another full week’s rent will be charged until the keys are returned. 

End Of Tenancy Form

pdf | 42Kb

Ending Your Tenancy Checklist

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Key Schedule

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