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Welcome to your Spring update!

Here at Thrive we've been working hard to determine how to best place our resources going forward. Hearing what’s important to you is important to us and helps the Executive team and Board with challenging decisions that they need to make.

Listening to your feedback, this year’s budget has more money being spent on:

  • Maintaining existing homes – this includes kitchens, bathrooms, windows, communal floor coverings
  • Improving the appearance of the areas around our flat blocks – getting rid of obsolete coal/pram sheds and creating more usable space
  • Increasing the thermal performance of homes

We always try to balance this with continuing to provide more homes so that more people have a chance to find somewhere decent to live that’s affordable to them. This also supports future generations and essential workers to live and work in their community; the importance of this has been especially highlighted throughout the pandemic. 

We also look at how we can replace homes that are no longer suitable for our customers. Some of our current homes cost too much to improve or to bring up to future energy efficiency standards or their layout doesn’t accommodate the way that we live now, so it’s better to redevelop these properties to be fit for purpose and so that they don’t drain resources that can be put to better use.

With all of this in mind, Thrive has developed a five-year plan that focuses on how we will use our resources to:

  • Build more homes for a range of customers
  • Maintain/improve the quality of existing homes while responding to new building safety and green legislation
  • Continue to evolve our offer to customers
  • Make sure that Thrive has the people and technology to deliver

Exciting times are ahead, and on behalf of the Thrive Team, I want to thank all of our customers for their support over the past year as we’ve tried to provide as near normal a service though the pandemic.  Your understanding and co-operation is much appreciated.

Elspeth Mackenzie
Chief Executive