Do you have a moment to leave us some feedback on this year's Annual Report for Tenants? We'd really appreciate your input and we will use it to improve next year's edition, just click here.

Thrive’s Annual Report: is it a hit or a miss?


Your latest blog from Andy Sage, Chair of the Customer Experience Panel

It’s that time of year again when Thrive Homes releases its  Annual Report for Tenants – one of the ways their performance is shared with their customers each year.

Have you had a look yet? If so, the CEP would love to hear what you think about how well your landlord is performing. If not shame on you, only joking!

We appreciate customers have busy lives, and these are unprecedented times. There’s always a ‘but …’, but we are really keen that you to read the Annual Report, maybe talk about it with your family and neighbours and let us know whether it was a hit or a miss?

Not got a lot of time on your hands?

The good news is you can read it in chunks whenever you get a moment. You can even choose to read only those sections that interest you most. The Annual Report provides a snapshot of Thrive’s performance between 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020. Some of the topics include...

Why is the Annual Report important?

The Annual Report for Tenants is a vital part of the Social Housing Regulator’s approach to ensuring Thrive is open and transparent about its performance and sees this as a crucial way for customers to be able to challenge and hold their landlord to account.

Please, tell us what you think!

Having listened to your feedback in Thrive’s Annual Report survey a few months ago, your Customer Experience Panel (CEP) worked closely with Thrive colleagues to produce the Annual Report, ensuring it covers the things we think you want to know about in a straightforward manner.

We know there’s always room for improvement, so we want to take this opportunity to check in with you to see if we got it right. Our invitation for you to have your say comes with a promise to respond within a fortnight and you can leave your feedback by clicking here.

Our promise to respond, within a fortnight

Our promise is similar to our recent Question Time event about Thrive’s Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Services. Have a look at the video and full questions and answers on the website to see how Thrive responds and acts on your feedback by clicking here.

We are all guilty of thinking there’s no point giving feedback as we believe nobody listens to us. This is wrong! We genuinely want to hear from you, and more than that we desperately need to hear from you.

At the most basic level, Thrive wants to know if the Annual Report provided you with the right content and level of detail, if the text, graphs and charts were simple to understand and whether the design format made it an easy read? This will help us to improve next year's Annual Report and recharge our batteries to go again. It's tough to get fired up when you aren't sure if you are hitting the right spot. Your feedback good or bad would make all the difference to us.