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Hello and welcome Thrive’s latest updates

I'm pleased to introduce this newsletter with good news. This year we have upgraded over 1,200 homes (100 more than planned) with things like new kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems and windows and secured additional funding to make even more homes warmer and energy efficient. 

Over 70% of our tenants have now received a Home Plan visit too, which is helping us to proactively maintain our homes and provide better support to those who need it. This is an important part of helping us make careful decisions about how we spend our money.  

We're also proud to share that 50% of households are now part of Thrive Customer Voice, with 698 customers influencing our services last year. 
In the coming year, we'll continue improving home efficiency and pay special attention to areas where you've suggested we can do better. 

Please share your thoughts and suggestions for our next newsletter - we'd love to hear from you! 
We hope you’re enjoying the recent spring weather and watch out for your postal newsletter in June. 
Best regards, 

Jo Barrett 
Executive Director Operations

698 members took part in activities last year and there's more to choose from this year!
  • Complete a survey to tell us how we can bring your attention to important safety communications.
  • Join us in person for a cuppa and a cake to learn about the way we manage damp and mould and influence our process.
  • Take part in a focus group to share what's important to you when it comes to our cleaning service
  • Fill in a survey to share your thoughts about our repairs timescales. 
  • Attend a workshop to learn about the ways we contribute to the environment and tell us what you think.
Find out how to get involved at
  • Our small grants are making a big impact!

    Liberty Tea Rooms in Hemel Hempstead offers free food and drink, relying solely on customer donations through an Honesty Box.

    With their partnership with Christians Against Poverty, locals can access free debt counselling, money management courses, and life skills programs, helping one family achieve financial freedom each month.

    Discover how our grant will help Liberty Tea Rooms expand their invaluable services.

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    Owen And Kerry Ann Cooper
  • Your service updates
    • New cleaners are improving the quality of the service
    • Over 20% of our homes received an upgrade last year
    • Non-urgent repairs are taking a little longer as we are receiving a lot of requests right now 
    • Communal grass cutting season has begun
    • and more!

    Read about the latest status of our services

  • Looking for information on our repairs service?
    Thrive GD 35
  • Your voice matters!

    You may have heard about the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures. This is a set of survey questions our regulator requires us to ask you about your experience of Thrive. 
    If you receive a call from IFF, our research partner, it's not a scam. We value input and use it to check we're delivering services where we may need to improve. 

    Learn more

    Thrive Heads 257
  • Fire kills!

    Clear communal spaces can save lives by preventing the spread of fire. 

    If we find items left outside your home, we'll remove them and give you 28 days to recover them before they are disposed of for good. 

    It's a hassle and a cost to you, so please keep your belongings inside your home.  

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    Thrive GD 153
  • Our mission for warm and efficient homes

    250 homes were insulated last year and we're already gearing up for next winter by improving the energy efficiency of more homes. 

    Discover our progress so far hear from our Environment & Sustainability Lead, Elliot Nicholls, on how you can save money in summer towards winter’s costs.

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  • Looking after your bin store keeps service charges down

    Find out who's responsible for your communal bin collections, what goes in what bin and what to do if someone is fly-tipping in your bin store.

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  • Do you have damp and mould in your home?

    Do you have damp and mould in your home?

Dates for your diary

  • Keep an eye on your letterbox at the beginning of July for your rent statement and copy of your summer newsletter! 

  • Become a Thrive Customer Voice member to join us on 17 July 1-3pm at Liberty Tea Rooms, Hemel Hempstead and influence the way we deal with damp and mould cases.