Withholding services

  • Definition of a breach

    A tenant will be in breach of their tenancy if they fail to comply with items laid out in their agreement. A breach within the last 12 weeks includes, but is not limited to:

    • Any rent or charge arrears in the last 12 weeks OR credit of less than four full weeks rent in advance for digital tenants.
    • A digital tenant not paying by direct debit (unless an exception has been agreed by Thrive).
    • A digital tenant failing to use digital methods to contact Thrive, unless an exception has been previously agreed; for example requesting rent balances.
    • An antisocial behaviour complaint is being upheld and a warning has been issued.
    • Preventing access for services; for example, not responding to our communications or if you have refused access once or more than once in a 12 week period.
    • Not adhering to the Health and Safety requirements of communal areas.
    • Persistent damage to the property over a 12 month period in accordance with our Offer & Ask statements; for example:

      - gardens not maintained, with two or more letters or emails received about the condition
      - Home Plan failure - no improvement in the condition since the last Home Plan visit where the repairs are the tenant’s responsibility
      - disregard for the cleanliness of property
      - careless damage.

    Once breach triggers are reached, customers need to return their conduct in line with their tenancy and then remain in line for six months before services are restored.

  • Restricted services

    The following services may be restricted when a customer is found in breach of their tenancy:

    • Internal transfers, transferring to another Thrive property through the Housing Register or mutual exchange. Exceptions: where a property is under occupied or if a move will improve suitability (i.e. adaptation) and result in a more sustainable tenancy.
    • Permissions 
      - to keep pets (unless required on medical grounds)
      - to have a lodger
      - to run a business from home
      - to install a satellite dish.

      Exceptions: Permissions will be granted irrespective of tenancy breaches where the permission will remedy another tenancy breach; for example, a request for a lodger in a spare bedroom would be considered when a tenant is in arrears, as this will help payment.
    • Tenancy changes; for example, changing from sole to joint tenancy or joint tenancy to sole. Exception: where a court order requires the change and when it’s in Thrive’s interest to allow this i.e. there is a relationship breakdown and the account is in credit.
    • Property assignment. Exception: where the assignment of a property is required by court order.
    • Major works, kitchen and bathroom renewals will not be carried out until a tenancy breach is rectified. Please note, this is not a refusal to carry out repairs.
    • Restricted communication, customers who are deemed abusive and threatening will be restricted to written or email communication alone.
  • Services not liable for restriction

    The following services may be restricted when a customer is found in breach of their tenancy:

    • aids and adaptations
    • major works - except for kitchen and bathroom renewals
    • repairs.