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We’re proud to offer quality customer service and our relationship with you is important to us. This document sets out the service you can expect from us, what we need from you in return and how you can shape our services.

Our offer to you:

Quality customer service – we’ll keep you informed and our professional, polite staff will aim to deal with any enquiries as soon as you contact us.

We’ll be consistent, fair and respectful – we’ll treat you as an individual, provide a fair and equal service, and take care with your personal information.

Digital at the forefront – we’ll provide digital services to make dealing with us and managing your tenancy easy and convenient.

What we ask of you: 

Be fair and respectful to our colleagues and contractors when interacting with us, making sure your home is safe, clean and smoke-free when we visit.

Use our digital services whenever you can, helping us to respond quickly and work efficiently for you.

  • How to contact us

    The best way to contact us for day-to-day issues like paying your rent or requesting a repair is through our digital services, such as the myThrive app or our website.

    You can also contact us by email at enquiries@thrivehomes.org.uk, by phone on 0800 917 6077, or write to us at Thrive Homes, Westside, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9TD.

  • Unreasonable behaviour

    Very occasionally we find that customers behave in an unreasonable manner. If we think that you are behaving in an unreasonable way, we will tell you. We might restrict access and contact with us or even take legal action for breaking the terms of your tenancy or lease.

    Some examples of what we consider unreasonable behaviour are:

    • Continuing to complain about the same issue again and again (more than three times) even when we consider that we have done all that we can to resolve the issue and the complaints process has been followed.
    • Raising the same complaint without grounds, just to cause annoyance and disruption.
    • Threats.
    • Physical and verbal abuse.
    • Insulting remarks and rudeness.
  • Keeping us informed

    Your tenancy agreement states that you must tell us about any change to your contact details or circumstances, or to those of anyone living in your home.

    You can update your information at any time using the myThrive Hub. We will check and refresh this information each year at your annual Home Plan visit.

  • How you can get involved and shape our services

    We want to work with our customers to get feedback on what we do and to improve the services we provide.

    Our Customer Experience Panel (CEP) is one of the key ways customers can get involved and shape our services.

    The CEP is a recognised group within Thrive Homes Customer Involvement structure with a two-way reporting line direct to the Thrive Homes Board and Executive Management Team. It is made up of customers and board members and reports to our Board twice a year, ensuring that our customers’ voices are heard throughout our organisation. We also have customers sitting on our Board.

    More information about this view Get Involved.

  • Measuring how we're doing

    We want our customers to be happy with the services we provide and customer feedback is important to us.

    We’ll ask you to complete a regular survey about the service you receive. We track our performance against a range of Customer Measures, which are monitored on a quarterly basis.

    We also publish an Annual Report for Tenants tracking key performance information, which can be found on our website

    We are regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing and our Customer Experience Panel monitors our performance against the Consumer Standards.

  • How to make a complaint if things go wrong

    We want our services to be good but recognise that sometimes things go wrong and customers will want to let us know. When we deal with complaints we want to be fair, put things right if we have done wrong, and learn from mistakes. We take customer feedback seriously and use it to shape our services.

    If you are not happy with the service that we have provided, you can make a complaint which we will investigate and aim to resolve quickly. Our Complaints Process explains how to do this, what information we need from you, and what you can do if you’re not satisfied with our response.

  • How we use your information

    We will treat your personal information fairly and with respect. We will use it to review complaints and feedback to ensure there is equality in the way we treat customers and may consider adapting our methods of communication or vary service delivery if appropriate. We may share your information with other statutory agencies such as the Local Authority or the police if we have a legal duty to do so or if information-sharing protocols are in place.

    Your information will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.