Are you looking to downsize?

If you are currently in a home that is too large for your need and wish to downsize, your main options are to swap home with another social housing tenant (through mutual exchange) or by bidding on a property via your local authority's housing register.  

If you are of Pension Credit age or are under occupying your home by at least one bedroom, you may be eligible for an incentive to move reward. This could be:   

  • a cash payment of £1,000 for the first bedroom and £500 thereafter up to £6,000. 
  • part cash payment and assistance 
  • assistance.  

Examples of assistance can include:  

  • removals including packaging  
  • replacement flooring 
  • disconnection and reconnection of kitchen appliances  
  • payment of transfer of telephone lines  
  • disposal of unwanted furniture  
  • redirection of mail.  

If you’d like to know more about this scheme or have any questions, the easiest way to get in touch is by emailing

Alternatively, if you aren’t online, please call us on 0800 917 6077. 

 Please be aware that if you are in rent arrears this may affect incentive payments.