How to apply

We let properties using choice based lettings schemes: Herts Choice Homes in Hertfordshire, Bucks Home Choice in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire Homefinder in Bedfordshire.

To register and search for any available properties you must be placed on the Housing Register of your local authority. You can do this through the websites of Herts Choice Homes, Bucks Home Choice or Bedfordshire Homefinder, depending which area is suitable for you. This applies to all applicants, including current tenants of Thrive Homes or another Registered Social Landlord who want to transfer to another property.

You can also request a Housing Register application form by contacting your local council. (Note: Three Rivers do not send paper applications).

Once you’ve registered you’ll be sent a welcome letter explaining how to use the scheme, what housing needs band you have been placed in, and a unique reference number in order to “bid” for a property.