GIVE Grants

Supporting community projects and organisations that make a positive difference

Thrive Homes is keen to support projects that are making a real difference to our residents and the wider community.

Our community grant application scheme - GIVE Grants - provides funding to locally based charities and community groups that enable them to deliver new or additional services to our customers and other residents living in our local communities.

We want to fund projects that reflect the five themes:

  • Training, employment and enterprise
    • Work related training including work placements.
    • Employment preparedness training and coaching.
    • Volunteering based work experience.
    • Employment and job seeker support and advice.
  • Social inclusion
    • Youth development including activities and clubs.
    • Tackling youth unemployment.
    • Specialist support for vulnerable people.
    • Play groups and children's centres.
    • Parental support groups and training.
  • Health and wellbeing
    • Life skills.
    • Housing options advice and support.
    • Community-based health activities.
    • Independent living support.
  • Financial inclusion and support
    • Debt advice and support services.
    • Money management training.
    • Fuel poverty advice and support.
    • Benefits advice and support.
  • Environmental sustainability
    • Tree planting and conservation in the community.
    • Saving water, electricity and/or waste.
    • Renewable energy projects.

The grant from the Thrive GIVE Community Grants team has helped make possible the support of individuals at a true crisis point in their lives. People with nowhere else to go receive a bed, cooked meals, fresh clothes and personalised support at no cost to themselves.

New Hope, Assessment Beds Service

How to apply

We offer two routes for receiving funding from our GIVE Grants programme. Organisations or initiatives may apply if they are looking for:

  • a one-off small grant under £500
  • funding for a long-term project over £500

Thrive Homes run a maximum of two application periods in each financial year;

  1. Our primary application period opens in April and closes on Friday 21 May 2021.
  2. A secondary application period (to be confirmed) will open in October and close on Friday 19 November 2021.

Please note: the secondary application period will only take place if funds have not been allocated in the primary period.

We are keen to receive bids that reflect activities or impact in the areas and neighbourhoods where Thrive Homes operates or can show outreach support to our customers. The majority of our customers live in South Oxhey, Mill End and Maple Cross.

If you require impartial advice about the application process, please contact:

Fiona Frost, Marketing Communications Business Lead

Tel: 0800 917 6077

Thrive GIVE Grants Community Grant Application Form Over £500

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Thrive GIVE Grants Small Community Grant Application Under £500

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