Travis Perkins support local food banks through Thrive GIVE

As suppliers for Thrive Homes, Travis Perkins Managed Services have signed up to the Thrive GIVE Support programme by donating to four food banks across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Thrive GIVE is our commitment to ‘give’ back to the communities we serve by utilising our business resources and partnerships for positive change. Read more about Thrive GIVE here.

Working with our partners and suppliers, the Thrive GIVE ‘Support’ programme facilitates conversations with charities across our operating areas to provide financial or practical support as the need requires.

In November 2020, donations from Travis Perkins Managed Services have been sent to food banks in Hatfield, Milton Keynes, Rickmansworth, and Watford. The money will be used to purchase perishable or additional ‘most needed’ items to include in food packs during the winter months.

On receiving the donation, Iris Bangs Rickmansworth Food Bank manager and Chair of Mill End Community Trust stated, “Since March - due to the pandemic - we've been purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement our food boxes and also offered other support in a holistic manner regarding for families and individuals in a variety of ways as needed.

“We have seen a huge increase in the number of individuals requiring our services; in the last financial year (2019/20) we provided food for 1,314 individuals and since 1st April 2020 this has increased to 2,137.

“We are very fortunate as we are supported by so many individuals and local businesses, enabling us to continually provide for those in our community that are struggling.” 

Shannon Wood, Account Manager from Travis Perkins Managed Services commented, “As a responsible business we uphold our Family Values, which means working together to deliver results and doing the right thing. We encourage our colleagues to get involved with local communities through volunteering, fundraising, and sponsorship and are delighted to be able to support local food banks through our partnership with Thrive Homes.”

Demand for food banks is due to increase over the coming months. If you are looking to donate as an individual, please find out what your local foodbank is most in need of by visiting their websites before donating.

You can find your local food bank by visiting