Introducing the Thrive Deal 'Offer & Ask'

Thrive Homes is launching its Thrive Deal for tenants, which aims to achieve a fair deal for all.

Thrive Deal comprises of a set of statements setting out our ‘offer’ as a landlord, and what we 'ask' in return from our customers.  The Deal does not change terms and conditions of an existing tenancy agreement but simply clarifies expectations as part of living in a Thrive home.

Throughout June and July 2019, Thrive Homes tenants will receive a copy of our Deal by post.

Frequently Asked Questions

My neighbour has a copy, when will I get mine?
We are sending out copies of the Thrive Deal in batches due to the number we need to put in the post. Don't worry if you haven't got it yet, you will be in a later batch and will receive your copy by the end of July at the very latest.

Will a copy of the Thrive Deal be available online?

We are putting the finishing touches to a **new look** tenant area on our website, which will go live in early July. Be notified as soon as it's available by signing up to our email newsletter or following us on Facebook.

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