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Welcome to your latest Thrive news roundup

Hi there, I'm Emma Comer and I joined Thrive six months ago. 

Part of my role is looking after your communal cleaning and grounds maintenance services. Listening to your feedback, I know these are two areas that have experienced challenges in delivery. 

In the coming months, my team will be getting even closer to these contracts through site visits, inspections, and contract monitoring. My team is also responsible for setting service charges, so increased monitoring will provide better information and processes to hold our contractor accountable when it comes to paying the bill.

This holistic approach to managing our buildings will support our asset management team by helping them prioritise works based on the needs of the building. This is an important part of governance which puts your safety first.

Another area my team will be focusing on is Home Plan. First launched in 2019, Home Plan is an annual visit for tenants to see how things are going with you and your family and to the look at the condition of your home.

Home Plan has helped us identify and fix 377 non-urgent repairs last year which may have otherwise gone unnoticed until they became a problem. As a customer, you can also find out when your home is due upgrades such as a new bathroom or kitchen and you can also give feedback on our services and hear about other important changes and useful information.

Last year we carried out 1392 visits and we’re looking to increase this number. If you haven’t had a Home Plan visit yet, we may be in touch in the coming months to arrange yours.

Find out more and request your visit at:

Keeping you informed is important, but we want to hear from you too so we can truly understand how things are going and use your input when shaping our services. If you have anything to share - please get in touch

Your next news update will be in your summer newsletter at the end of June, so be sure to keep an eye on your letterbox for this. If you are a tenant, your copy will be in with your rent statement. 


Emma Comer
Assistant Director Estates and Facilities