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Schedule of compensation

Schedule of Compensation

Description Compensation (£)
1st missed appointment where we have not notified you within 12 hours unless there are exceptional circumstances beyond our control £20

2nd missed appointment/no access

Contractual reason to pay compensation in accordance with your tenancy  As per your Tenancy Agreement
  • repeated failures to reply to letters or return phone calls
  • not having regard to a complainant’s preferred method of contact or contact requirements
  • failure to meet service standards for actions and responses but where the failure had no significant impact
  • incorrectly addressing correspondence (to cause offence/upset, but not a breach of data protection requirements).
  • misdirection – giving contradictory, inadequate or incorrect information about a complainant’s rights (for example in relation to decants, mutual exchanges, or preserved Right To Buy)
  • a complainant repeatedly having to chase responses and seek correction of mistakes, necessitating unreasonable level of involvement by that complainant
  • a complainant being repeatedly passed between staff and/or teams, with no one officer or department taking overall responsibility, or a landlord not taking responsibility for sub-contracted services
  • failure over a considerable period of time to act in accordance with policy – for example to address repairs, to respond to antisocial behaviour, to make adequate adjustments
  • serious failures but which have already been recognised and resolved by landlord, including redress for actual financial loss
  • repeated failure to meaningfully engage with the substance of the complaint, or failing to address all relevant aspects of complaint, leading to considerable delay in resolving complaint
  • significant failures to follow complaint procedure, escalate the matter or signpost the complainant.
  • long stay in temporary accommodation due to mishandling of repairs
  • mishandling or partiality in an antisocial behaviour case leading to exacerbation of tenant relations
  • erroneous or premature threat of eviction
  • failure to make reasonable adjustments
  • failures leading to Environmental Enforcement Orders
  • serious mishandling or misdirection leading to speculative loss*.

*Whereby on balance of probabilities it can be reasonably concluded that the complainant has suffered a financial loss, but it would be speculative to try and quantify any actual loss.

Examples might include:

  • mishandling by a landlord of a Right to Acquire application leading to the complainant’s mortgage offer expiring and the new mortgage offer being on less favorable terms
  • landlord unreasonably withholding permission for assignment of tenancy.

We will assess each case on its own merits and take into account the impact on you which may include distress and inconvenience, time and trouble, disappointment, loss of confidence, and delays in getting matters resolved

What happens if I’m awarded compensation, but I owe Thrive money?

If you are awarded compensation in Stage 1 or Stage 2 of Thrive’s complaints process, we will use the compensation towards paying off any money that you owe us.