Keeping a pet

Information for tenants

We know many people benefit from keeping a pet.

To make sure that animals and neighbours are safe, we ask our customers to fill out this form to request permission to keep a pet in their home. We look at each request carefully and follow the conditions in your tenancy agreement. These conditions say that you must:

  • make sure your pets are safe and under control
  • take care of your pets and be responsible for them
  • make sure your pets don’t bother your neighbours or anyone else
  • keep dogs on a lead in all shared areas
  • clean up any mess your pet makes in shared or public areas right away. If we have to clean up after your pet, you may be charged
  • make sure your pets don’t damage Thrive’s property. If they do, we may charge you for the repairs
  • not breed animals for business purposes
  • not sell pets from your home.

If you can meet these conditions, we will usually provide consent to keep most domestic pets. Permission will not be granted to keep farm animals.  

One small, caged animal (for example, hamsters, caged birds, and fish in tanks) may be kept without asking us first. 

Assistance dogs such as guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf or dogs for the disabled will always be allowed. However, we ask that customers complete a form so we know that you agree to the conditions set out above.

Please remember that we can take away your permission to keep a pet if your circumstances change or you can no longer meet the conditions above.

Download form to request permission