What’s going to be in the Annual Report for Tenants?

108 tenant members completed this year’s survey.


read the Annual Report last year 


of readers felt the content was relevant to them


of readers said it was easy to read and understand 

This year it’s very clear you are most interested in what we are doing to improve our homes and to make them more energy efficient.

Acting on your feedback, we’re making sure the report focuses on these areas. And it doesn’t stop there! Knowing this is an interest to you, we are going to include more on this topic in our customer newsletters, too!

Our communication team is now busy producing the report. To make it easy for you to read what you’re most interested in, they will be ordering the pages of the report using your most favourite topics as follows:

  • property improvements
  • energy efficiency of homes
  • customer satisfaction
  • value for money (services provided)
  • how we have acted on feedback
  • home safety
  • anti-social behaviour
  • how Thrive meets consumer standards
  • complaints performance
  • how Thrive gives back.

We’ll also be including responses to some of the suggestions you made…

“Timeliness when acting on behalf of a tenant regarding anti social behaviour matters, ie, how quickly do you respond usually?”

“Why have service charges massively increased?”

“Tell us about environmental impact stuff and how you are working on 'net zero'. EV charging, planting trees on estates, solar energy etc”

Be sure to download your copy on 1st October 2023 at www.thrivehomes.org.uk/annualreport