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Acting for a deceased tenant 

In the difficult circumstances where you are acting for a deceased tenant, you will need to notify Thrive Homes in writing that the tenant has passed away.  

  • Four weeks’ notice is not required, but rent will be charged until the keys are returned. Please note: if our tenant was in receipt of benefits, you must inform them immediately as payments will end on the date of death. Therefore, full rent is liable from this date until the keys are returned to Thrive Homes.  
  • If you return the keys before 9.30am on a Monday, the tenancy will end the same day. 
  • We ask the next of kin to clear the property of all belongings.  
  • If you want advice on the condition to leave the property, you can contact us to arrange an inspection. 
  • A copy of the Death Certificate must be handed in with the keys. 
Clearing up 

There are organisations that can help you with clearing items, for example, your local authority or sites such as freecycle and social media. Local charity shops are also pleased to have clothing and other items in good condition.