If you’d like to move, one option is to bid on properties on the housing register. You’ll need to register with your district council to search and bid – you can contact your local authority to find out where to do this.  

To bid successfully for a Thrive Homes property, you will need to remedy any breach of tenancy, clear any outstanding debts with Thrive, and then have had a clear rent account for a minimum of 12 weeks.  

Your local authority will be able to advise you on the following: 

  • Advertised properties 
  • Bidding 
  • Banding  
  • Eligibility  
Thrive Homes properties  

Any offers made for a Thrive Homes property will be made to the applicant at the top of the bidding list, provided they pass our verification checks. Our checks include: 

  • No money owed to Thrive Homes or other landlord 
  • No previous tenancy issues 
  • Eligibility for property based on household size, age etc.  

If you are not a Thrive Homes tenant already and you are currently renting from another social landlord, we will contact your landlord for a reference. 

Once all checks are completed you will be required to successfully complete an affordability check where you will be required to supply to us your financial information. We will give you the opportunity to view the prospective new home. If you would like the property then you will be asked to pay at least five full weeks’ rent in advance to sign the tenancy agreement. If you do not want the property, we will refer you back to your local authority.