Dealing with anti-social behaviour whilst staying at home more

Everyone is entitled to live in peace at home. It goes without saying that we should always treat one another with respect and avoid causing any disturbance to our neighbours.

We understand that due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many residents are at home more than usual and can sometimes be heard from outside their home – this could include DIY, music and children playing.

If you are experiencing an issue, please take steps to resolve minor neighbour disputes or problems yourself.

  • We would suggest that you make use of our ‘Dear Neighbour’ card as a way of getting in touch with neighbours – they might not be aware of the effect their behaviour is having on others.
  • Noise nuisance, for example, loud music or barking dogs, can be reported to your local authority. You can find out who your local authority is
  • If you witness or experience ASB that is violent or poses an immediate safety risk, you should always ring the police on 999.

For more information on what we consider to be anti-social behaviour and how we can support, click here.