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Coronavirus (COVID-19): our approach and latest updates


As a responsible landlord, we put the safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues first.

Whilst measures have been lifted by government, our colleagues are still using safe systems of work and you can find out more about this below. We update this area regularly and keep you informed of any significant updates via email and our Facebook page

  • Our commitment to keeping you safe

    We’re committed to keeping everyone safe. 

    To ensure this, our colleagues will:

    • carry and use correct personal protection equipment (PPE) where required
    • wash or sanitise their hands before and after entering the property in accordance with NHS guidelines
    • wear a face covering and protective equipment where social distancing is not practical, for example when two engineers need to work together.

    Our colleagues may politely ask you sit in a separate room with the door closed, whilst they are inside the property.

    We have a duty of care to our colleagues and the communities we serve. We hope this won’t be the case, but in the event that a customer fails to comply with these measures, we may have no option but to abandon the visit and leave the property.

    Click below to learn more about what we ask of you to help. 

  • What you can do to help

    We’re always on hand to keep you safe in your home. If you need to contact us for a non-urgent matter, we invite you to take advantage of our digital services so we can prioritise our phone lines for emergency and essential needs. Our digital services include:

    If we're due to visit you in your home, we kindly ask that you:

    • let us know if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or have coronavirus (COVID-19), so that we can reschedule your appointment
    • sanitise the area we will be working in before we arrive
    • ventilate the room we will be working in/inspecting by opening windows and doors ahead when we call you to tell you we are on our way
    • ensure that you, any children and pets stay in a separate room whilst we attend
    • practice 2m social distancing
    • avoid approaching our engineers in communal spaces and practice 2m social distancing at all times.

    You can help to keep your home and surroundings safe too, here’s some ways of doing so:

    • test your smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms on a weekly basis
    • keep communal areas and fire exit routes clear
    • continue to report any issues that are or could become an emergency or health and safety risk by calling us on 0800 917 6077.

    We value positive working relationships with our customers, so if you have any questions about our services please do get in touch.  

  • Ventilating your home

    Letting fresh air into indoor spaces can help remove air that contains virus particles and prevent spread of coronavirus. 

    Good ventilation also helps reduce condensation, dampness and mould.

    Ventilating your home

    • if you have people working in or visiting your home, let as much fresh air in whilst they are there - especially just before they arrive and after they leave
    • if someone in your home is self-isolating, keep a window slightly open in their room and keep their door closed to reduce the spread of contaminated air to other parts of the household
    • ventilation can be increased by leaving extractor fans in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen areas running for longer than usual with the door closed after someone has been in the room 
    • especially in the winter months, it is crucial that trickle vents on windows are not closed or blocked - keeping these open will have minimal implications on your heating costs.

    Ventilation doesn't mean you have to be cold - opening your windows for just 10 minutes an hour can help reduce the risk and allow the air to refresh. In cold weather, where it may be not be comfortable to leave windows open fully, opening the windows slightly is an option to reduce cold drafts. 

    If you are having difficulty heating your home, you may be able to claim financial help. Find out more at: or call 0800 444 202.