Frequently Asked Questions: roofing replacement works

Who is M.H. Goldsmith & Sons Ltd?

M.H. Goldsmith & Sons Ltd is a long-established family business, incorporated in 1973 and has recently been recognised for their specialist skills in the renewal of roofs and associated works of properties to meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard. As such, Thrive Homes has awarded a roofing replacement contract to M.H. Goldsmith and Sons Ltd from 2019-2021.

All previous schemes which have been undertaken by M.H. Goldsmith & Sons Ltd were conducted in a very competent and efficient manner, achieving a customer satisfaction score of 96% for Thrive homes during 2018-2019. To learn more about M.H. Goldsmith & Sons Ltd, visit:

What will the roofing works entail?

The works will involve the removal of the old and installation of a new roof including an upgrade of loft insulation if required to meet current regulations. Further to this, existing roofline products will be removed and replaced with new UPVC fascia, soffits and guttering where required.

All works carried out will meet the legislated requirements of the Decent Homes Standard and aim to reduce the CO2 footprint of your home.

We aim to cause minimal disruption to your usual routine whilst works are being carried out.

When will the works commence?

There will be several cycles of work, each taking place between April to March the following year. If your home qualifies for the work, then specific dates will be detailed in your introduction letter.

What time will contractors be working at my home?

Our permitted hours of work will be between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturdays. 

How long will the works take to complete?

We estimate that any work will be completed within three to four weeks, weather permitting.

What access will be required?

The contractors will require access via your front and rear gardens, as such we ask that you please leave your back gate unlocked during the day and relock once the contractors leave each day.

The road in front of your homes is limited for parking, this means that the contractors will be working in a very restricted environment. We kindly ask you to keep the front of your property as clear as possible during working hours and would appreciate your cooperation in allowing contractors to temporarily store materials in your garden whilst works take place.

Polite notice to all dog owners

Please keep in mind the reduced security of your gardens due to the access requirements of the contractors. We ask for dogs to be kept inside during working hours and that gardens are clear of dog mess whilst works take place.

What health & safety precautions will be made?

Safe access to your home will always be available during these works. If at any time you are worried about access and the ability to enter or leave your home, please alert the workmen so they can stop work and allow you a safe passage.

If you notice any building materials that you perceive as a hazard, please tell a representative of M.H. Goldsmiths & Sons Ltd. This will enable us to deal with any risk immediately.

There will be machinery, skips, scaffolding, and materials on-site during the work.

Please note: it is prohibited to climb or play on any equipment or scaffolding.

Will my security and privacy be impacted?

Due to the access requirements of contractors, we’d like to make you aware of the reduced security around your home whilst these works take place. Please take extra measures to ensure your property is secured and any valuables are removed from your garden during this time.

As a gentle reminder, please keep in mind your personal privacy when scaffolding is around your home. You may wish to keep your curtains closed and widows locked where possible during this time. You will need to notify your insurance company that this work is underway.

Is there anything I need to do with my outdoor belongings?

Scaffolding will be erected around your property; therefore, we ask you to please move garden furniture, children’s toys, pots, plants, and any items that could get damaged during the works. Items will need to be kept at least three meters away from the outer walls of your property.

Is there anything I need to do with my belongings in the loft?

As part of these works your loft insulation may require upgrading. In order for us to carry out these works, we will require you to clear your loft of any items to allow us full access to carry-out these works. You will be advised if any upgrades are required once works have commenced.

Please note: any valuable items left in your loft must be covered. Thrive Homes, M.H Goldsmith and Sons Ltd and any associated contractors will not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of any items you leave in the loft.

What about my television aerial or satellite dish?

Television aerials and satellite dishes attached to your roof edges will be re-sited onto the scaffolding by a professional contractor at the start of the repair works. These will be reinstated at completion, please let our site manager know if you lose your reception or viewing capabilities and they will work with you to resolve this.

Who can I contact for further information?

A full-time site manager, Martin Gee, will keep you informed of any changes as works progress and any critical dates that may affect you. You can get in touch using the contact details below

Tel: 01438-814565

Alternatively, please contact Andy Davis at Thrive Homes by emailing: