Empty Homes and Lettings Policy

Appendix 4 - Withdrawing Offers

Examples of when a provisional or actual offer will be withdrawn are below. The list is not exhaustive:

  • there has been a change of the applicant’s circumstances which no longer makes them eligible for the property
  • where the applicant does not respond to the offer within the timescale given by Thrive Homes
  • information has been received that would indicate fraud
  • the property has been incorrectly advertised
  • the applicant had previously held a Thrive Homes tenancy which they failed to disclose or where a tenancy was in breach due to anti-social behaviour, rent arrears or any other reason
  • there has been a history of anti-social behaviour in a previous tenancy
  • the offer could place a vulnerable applicant, tenant or neighbours at risk of harm
  • the property is required for emergency re-housing
  • the affordability check suggests the letting of this property will result in the tenancy being unsustainable
  • the applicant demonstrates abusive behaviour (verbally or physically) during the offer/viewing process.