Empty Homes and Lettings Policy

Appendix 1 - Direct lets

Reasons for undertaking direct lets

Thrive will allocate properties in accordance with the nomination agreement or SLA with the local authority for the area or specific scheme. Nomination agreements allow for a percentage of properties to be let directly. The circumstances where a direct let include (but are not limited to) the occasions below.

Transfers on management grounds

Thrive Homes has the authority to approve transfers/re-housing on management grounds, without the involvement of local authority partners. Tenants awarded a transfer on management grounds will receive one offer of alternative accommodation only in like-for-like accommodation except in exceptional circumstances (for example, if the tenant is statutorily over-crowded or the family is likely to meet the requirements for the next sized accommodation in the next six months).

Management grounds can include (but are not limited to), re-housing victims of anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse or separating joint tenancies.

If approved, in most cases the tenant will be offered a direct let from Thrive Homes but, where help is required from the local authority, Thrive will provide the local authority with the supporting information and request that they award a priority banding. The decision for the priority of those cases will remain with the local authority.

Temporary or emergency rehousing

A direct let will be made on properties required for temporary or emergency re-housing of a Thrive Homes tenant or in order to assist the local authority to house homeless applicants where there is a duty to assist them under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996, on licences or contractual tenancies, whilst investigations are ongoing. These properties will not be advertised through choice-based lettings.


Thrive Homes’ tenants who are required to move either temporarily on a licence or on a permanent basis due to major works, refurbishment or redevelopment of their property, will be given decant priority by Thrive Homes. Decanting is covered in more detail in Thrive’s Decant and Re-purchase Policy.