We're redefining the way we engage with customers

We are committed to providing a fair deal

We can't do this without the help of our customers and their input, so we're currently redefining our approach and the opportunities on offer for customers to have their say. 

To date, our main source of customer involvement has been through the Customer Experience Panel (CEP). With expected changes such as the Social Housing White Paper and other regulation changes pending, we're taking this opportunity to review our approach to ensure our customers are listened to, heard and responded to.

Over the past few months, we have been working with an external agency called Altair to conduct extensive research. This involved speaking to customers and colleagues as well as reviewing previous engagement activities alongside looking at how other organisations involve their customers. 

Using all of these findings, Altair presented several options to shape the new approach and we've been working with a group of customers to fine tune this. You can meet the customers helping with this piece of work by scrolling down.

Meet the customers helping to create a new way for you to have your say