Safety at Riverside Mill

The safety of you in your home is our priority, so please take a moment to explore this page which contains important safety information specific to your flat and building. 

If you have any questions or ideas to improve the safety of your block - please get in touch with your Building Safety team. As always, we're on hand 24/7 for any emergencies and you can reach us on 0800 917 6077.

Meet your building safety team

  • Your local fire service

    Hemel Hempstead Fire Station (1.13 miles) 


    Hemel Hempstead


    HP2 5HA


    Want to get in touch? 

    Telephone the station on 01442867132. 

    Request a Home Visit from the Fire service. During this they can check that existing smoke detectors are in good working order. 

  • Your last and upcoming fire risk assessment

    The latest fire risk assessment (FRA) was completed on: 10 august 2021. This is reviewed every 3 years, or after a significant event.

    Significant findings from the last fire risk assessment:

    This is the buildings first FRA. The assessment focuses on the build and construction meeting all fire safety requirements, also ensuring all fire safety equipment has been installed and certified correctly. The findings were satisfactory. 

    When will these works be completed?

    None outstanding. All works are satisfactory. 

  • Building construction and cladding

    The construction of the building is concrete panels and steel frame work, with Fireline board façade screen/rain panels. The façade meets the requirements to limit the spread of fire.

    Other construction components include:

    • Reinforced concrete frame and concrete slab floors
    • Piled foundations
    • Non-combustible metsec/cladding
    • Single ply membrane roof
    • Aluminium copings
    • Concrete slabbed terraces
    • Balconies are constructed of aluminium decking and glazed screens
    • Windows – polyester powder coated aluminium
  • Fire safety equipment in your flat

    Your home is kitted out with safety equipment to keep you and your loved ones safe. This includes:

    A misting system

    Every room in your flat will have a jet head mounted onto a wall. Activated by your heat alarm, this system will spray a water mist to suppress the fire. Please do not place furniture in front of the misting system as this will prevent it from working properly. 

    The control box for this system is located under your sink and cannot be turned off. 

    Fire doors

    Your front door is a fire door, protecting you and the rest of your building from fire spreading from one area to another. 

    We will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to inspect your door every 6 months.

    Top tips to look after your fire door:

    • the components of your door such as the letterbox, peephole, and door closer are designed to be compatible with your fire door so it can still do its job in protecting you - please don't remove these!
    • Whilst doorbells (including Ring Doorbells) and Christmas wreaths may be pretty and practical, they damage your fire door and stop it from doing its job. Please don't drill into your fire door! 

    Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 

    These are hard-wired in your flat with backup battery power supply. Please test your alarm weekly - we know it isn't easy pushing the button on the alarm on a ceiling, so we have installed wireless radio link controllers in each flat. This is stored by your front door, but if all else fails you can still test the alarm the traditional way as per the video below. 

    If you discover any issues, please call us on 0800 917 6077 immediately.
  • Fire safety equipment in your building and communal areas

    In addition to your flat, your building is kitted out with safety equipment to keep you and your neighbours safe. This includes:

    Fire doors

    All doors in the communal area are fire doors. These can only do their job when they are kept shut.

    They act as a barrier to help contain the fire to one area and prevent it from spreading. 

    We carry out inspections of all communal fire doors every six months. 

    Please do not wedge or prop open a fire door as this means smoke and fire can more easily spread! If you ever notice an issue with a door such as it not closing properly, please contact us straight away on 0800 917 6077. 

    Automatic opening vents (AOVs)

    These vents remove smoke from the communal corridors if an evacuation is required. 

    These are installed throughout every corridor and we test them every month. 

    Dry risers

    This provides the emergency services with access to pump water into the building in the event of a fire. 

    These are tested every six months.

    Emergency lighting

    This is installed to help support evacuation in the event of an emergency where all other power goes off. 

    Premises Information Box (PIB)

    This box is located on the outside of the building and contains key information for the fire brigade e.g. floor plans  and locations of services – if you notice that this box has been tampered with please contact us straight away. 

    If you notice any damage to these items or to the building in general, please let us know as soon as possible!
  • How to evacuate in the event of a fire

    Your safety is our priority. Below you will find the latest national advice on what to do if there is a fire in your flat or building.

    Please tell us if there is a change to your circumstances, such as a disability or mobility issue, that could prevent you evacuating in the event of an emergency. We can use this information to notify the local fire service of your circumstances which will allow them to put in place a fast and appropriate evacuation plan to get you to safety. The easiest way to let us know is by emailing or 0800 917 6077. 

    If the fire isn't in your own flat and your flat is not affected by smoke from a fire elsewhere in the building

    • stay put unless you flat is affected by fire or smoke
    • call the emergency services by dialling 999.

    Your flat entrance door is fire rated to protect you for enough time for the fire services to address the fire or rescue you.

    If a fire breaks out in your flat

    1. Get everyone out
    2. Close the door behind you and leave the building - do not take the lift, always use the stairs
    3. When you are safe, call 999.

    You must stay at a safe distance away from the fire until a fire officer tells you it is safe to go back inside. The fire & rescue service can obtain a list of people who may have difficulties leaving the building in the event of a fire. If you are unsure if you have notified Thrive of any difficulties, please alert the emergency services so they can best assist you.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late, plan your escape route today and advise us if you think you might struggle with any evacuation or safety measures.

  • Assembly points

    There is no assembly point due to the stay put policy

  • How we can keep your building safe together

    Managing your block and its surroundings is our shared responsibility. Working together we can ensure the health and safety of everyone and keep service charges down.

    The main ways you can help is to keep communal areas clear of items, including pushchairs and bicycles. 

    We inspect the communal areas monthly and take action on anything left in the communal areas. If you spot any issues, please get in touch to let us know as soon as possible. 

    If you are a tenant, we will carry out safety checks such as gas, electrical and fire door inspections in your home on a regular basis and we'll contact you when these checks are due. It's important we are able access your home to carry these checks out, so please let us know if the appointment time is not suitable.

    If you own your home, please provide us with a copy of your gas and electrical safety certificates so we know the entire building is safe.

    Learn more about our offer and what we ask in return to keep your building safe

  • A detailed summary of how we will manage and control fire and structural risks in your building

    Keeping you safe in your home is our priority, so we have put together a building safety case that details how we will proactively manage and control the fire and structural risks of your building.

    A copy of this case study will be available for you to view in autumn 2021. 

  • Have your say

    We want our conversations to be two-way, to make sure you can have your say and be heard

    Whether it's good or bad news or maybe you have an idea to improve the safety of your building, we always want to hear from you so we can use your input to help shape our services.

    There's lots of ways to interact with us, and you can find out more in our approach to keeping you and your building safe.

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  • Have a query?

    Please get in contact:

    Call our Contact Centre on 0800 917 6077


    Email us at

Our website is packed full of other safety advice for our customers, and you can find out more below. 

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