Get Involved


Getting involved in our services to you

Thrive is committed to involving customers in a meaningful way at the earliest possible stage and throughout initiatives that impact on customers. This will help to maximise the influence of customers and prevent customers thinking involvement is simply being done as a tick box exercise.

Our Involvement Statement sets out:

  • why involvement is important
  • how we involve customers
  • what we have achieved so far
  • and our future plans.

Please find more information in our Involvement Statement or email:

  • Would you like to join other customers already helping us to improve our services?

    Being involved is a great way to meet other people, learn new skills and influence the service we deliver. After all, the best way for us to improve our services is to get your input. Your help can really make a big difference to enable the development of communities where people enjoy living.

    You can be involved as little or as much as you would like - if meetings are not your thing let us know how you'd like to get involved and we'll contact you in your preferred way to ask for your input from the comfort of your home.

    You could try opportunities like...

    • taking part in surveys either by email, by phone or on our website using the ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’
    • attending one-off events
    • attending a workshop for your area of interest
    • reviewing publications as a member of our editorial panel

    Out and about in your area, you could...

    • become a block representative
    • take part in estate inspections
    • get involved in community activities such as garden improvement projects

    More on our workshops

    Our workshops provide a foundation for customer involvement, and are an opportunity give us feedback in relation to specific areas of work. We may hold one off workshops to get feedback or input from customers on a particular area, for example complaints, how we measure customer experience, repairs processes  or letting  a kitchen contract.

    To get involved in any of the opportunities above, please register your interest today:

  • Accountability and scrutiny

    Service Shapers Group

    Our Service Shapers Group meets quarterly and reviews complaints trends and themes, customer satisfaction and our progress on our customer experience action plan.

    Click here to find out more. 

    Customer Experience Panel

    Our Customer Experience Panel (CEP) is a recognised group within Thrive Homes Customer Involvement structure with a two-way reporting line direct to the Thrive Homes Board and Executive Management Team.

    The Panel is made up of a maximum of 10 members (including the independent Chair) of which two are Board members and at least one leaseholder/LCHO/Shared Owner. We also have up to two co-optee members. The CEP’s role is to:

    • Act as a ‘critical friend’ and the bridge between customers and the Board. CEP has an annual workplan and reports directly to the Board at least twice a year and is a strong voice for customers
    • Provide assurance to the Board by checking Thrive’s compliance with the Social Housing Regulator’s Consumer Standards, including reviewing and challenging the evidence provided by staff
    • Input the customer perspective into strategic plans, policy reviews and regularly review Thrive’s performance through a dashboard of customer centric measures. Increasingly over time CEP will combine the experiences and views of members with Customer Insight data gathered through the recently revamped surveys and other customer feedback mechanisms
    • Participate in quality assurance reviews including suggesting services that need to be reviewed, helping to decide what to include in the review, providing ‘critical friend’ challenge throughout the project and shaping the recommendations.

    All CEP members receive basic induction training and Thrive is committed to ongoing development.

    Every year we produce an Involvement Statement, which is available to read here.

  • What our involved customers say about our journey so far

    They share more information about the lease with the leaseholders than before.’


    Our suggestions helped with the cleaning contractors, they seem to take more care when they are cleaning, the gardeners have also been given more rules.’


    Things I have said have been implemented, such as a certain type of phrase used in the rent arrears documents has changed. I think that the tenants’ views are being listened to more than ever before.’