Working together

To keep you fire safe

  • How we keep your home fire safe – we:
    • Carry out Fire Risk assessments in all our blocks of flats every three years as a minimum
    • Ensure actions identified in the fire risk assessment are completed to the correct time scale
    • Carry out regular emergency lighting testing
    • Replace emergency lighting where required
    • Carry out quarterly inspections in all our blocks of flats and follow our ‘Flat Out Policy’ to ensure communal areas are kept clear and relevant action is taken

    For flat blocks that are seven storeys or above, the following is carried out in addition:

    • Six monthly inspections of both sides of all flat entrance doors for flats above seven stories  – we will contact customers to arrange a convenient time and give feedback on the inspection
    • Quarterly inspections of all communal fire doors.
    • Monthly inspections in the communal parts of the block and follow our ‘Flat Out Policy’ to ensure communal areas are kept clear and relevant action is taken

    If any safety works are required to your property or flat, we will inform you in writing.


  • How you can help to keep your home and building fire safe:
    • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms weekly – click here for a video demonstration (top tip: if you can’t reach your alarm on the ceiling, use the handle of a broom!). If you experience an issue you can contact us here to let us know or call 0800 917 6077.
    • Keep communal areas clear - read up on our ‘communal standards’ covering our responsibilities as your landlord and what we ask in return here.
    • Do not smoke in communal areas
    • Ensure fire doors are always closed (you can tell if a communal door is a fire door as it will have a ‘fire door, keep closed’ sign on it)
    • Let us know if you spot any damaged fire doors
    • Do not remove the door-closer or modify your fire door or screw anything into the door or frame
    • Do not screw anything to your flat entrance door e.g. doorbells or hooks as it may affect the integrity of the door
    • Provide access for your annual gas safety check
    • Provide access for your 5-yearly electrical safety check
    • Provide access for your fire door inspections
    • Contact us about any hazards in your home and/or communal area – for example a cracked electrical socket, items being stored in the communal area, cracked or lifting flooring slabs.
    • Do not remove any internal doors or their fittings.
    • Do not complete any DIY that could affect the structure of the build, please inform Thrive and obtain permission first
    • Notify us of anything that could compromise the safety of the building such as witnessing anyone tampering with fire safety equipment or other hazards that could encourage fire to spread – this could include drilled holes, hanging cables or pipework that go through walls and have not been sealed.

    If you live in a flat block that is seven storeys or abovewe are required to inspect your flat entrance door every six months.  

    If you live in a block with five storeys or in a sheltered scheme, our aim is to check your front entrance door annually either during the Home Plan visit or gas service. 

    We’ll work with you to arrange a convenient time, and by letting us in we can inspect your door and ensure it is in working condition to protect you.

    We are always keen to hear any feedback or about suggestions to improve the safety of our buildings and the easiest way to get in touch is by clicking here.