Working together

To keep you fire safe

  • How we keep your home fire safe – we:
    • Ensure your home is safe as part of your Home Plan visit every two years this includes potential fire hazards
    • Check electrical sockets are in good working order and not cracked
    • Advise on gas safety checks
    • Test the fire alarm
    • Check each room for potential safety hazards including fire hazards.
  • How you can help to keep your home and building fire safe:
      • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms weekly – click here for a video demonstration (top tip: if you can’t reach your alarm on the ceiling, use the handle of a broom!)
      • Do not smoke inside your property
      • Ensure fire internal doors are always closed
      • Do not remove the door-closer or modify your fire door
      • Carry an annual gas safety check (providing us with access if you are a tenant)
      • out 5-yearly electrical safety check (providing us with access if you are a tenant)
      • Contact us about any hazards in your home
      • Do not remove any internal doors or their fittings.

    We are always keen to hear any feedback or about suggestions to improve the safety of our buildings and the easiest way to get in touch is by clicking here.